SpaceX cancels Falcon rocket launch 46 seconds before launch

The American company SpaceX canceled the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket 46 seconds before launch, the reasons for the cancellation of the launch were not disclosed.

It is planned that the rocket will be launched tomorrow and will put 46 mini- satellites of the orbital constellation of the global Internet coverage of the Starlink system.

The launch is planned to be carried out from the Vandenberg US Space Force base in California. The reusable first stage of the rocket will be used for the fourth time.

The stage is expected to smoothly descend on the automatic offshore platform Of Course I Still Love You (“Of course I still love you”) in the Pacific Ocean .

This will be the 53rd launch of a group of Internet satellites into orbit as part of the Starlink project. In total SpaceX is going to deploy 11,000 Starlink satellites in orbit. The total cost of the project is estimated at ten billion dollars.

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