Alex Rodriguez Opens Record Safari LA in Atwater Village to the Delight of Vivacious Vinyl Lovers

Alex Rodriguez Opens Record Safari LA in Atwater Village to the Delight of Vivacious Vinyl Lovers
July 12, 2021
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The Los Angeles music community turned out en masse over the weekend for the opening of Record Safari Los Angeles, the newest retail offering from Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, the beloved record collector and music curator who travels high and low to find albums to bring to the people, was deluged opening weekend with hundreds of customers who came to shop at the new store, located in Atwater Village.

Alex Rodriguez opens Record Safari LA – Courtesy image

Rodriguez is a well-known personality in the vinyl biz. He established The Glass House Record Store, located next door to the Glass House music venue in Pomona.

“The turnout was way crazier than I expected and it was so wonderful to see everyone that came out,” Rodriguez said. “Thank you all for constantly inspiring me to keep digging up records!!”

The new store came together as a team effort, Rodriguez said. It was a labor of love converting the building from a former recording studio into a retail outlet.

Cassandra created the record racks for Record Safari – Alex Rodriguez photo

Rodriguez has made it his life’s passion to seek out great albums. As curator for Coachella’s on-site record store, he has become a famed fixture in the SoCal music scene.

He is so established in fact, there was a documentary film “Record Safari” made about him, and it’s been a hit on the indie scene. The film depicts Rodriguez doing what he loves to do: Travelling the nation to find the finest in vinyl recordings. And his efforts as one of the country’s top “vinyl-ologists” help others to check off albums on their wish list.

Mark Atherlay met Robert standing in line at Record Safari LA at 6:50 AM on Saturday – Courtesy LAVinyl77

“Alex is the man!” said record enthusiast Mark Atherlay, who got in line at 6:50 AM on Saturday to support friend Rodriguez and the new store.

“In fact I’m just one of many who sold him nearly three quarters of my vinyl collection,” he said. “It was a stellar and smooth day all due to the sheer amount prep that went into the Grand Opening.”

Neon art by @dani_bonnet at Record Safari – Rodriguez photo

As the story goes, the owner of the Glass House Concert Hall in Pomona opened a record store beside the venue and met Alex at a swap — of course — buying records. Alex eventually worked his way up to general manager of the Glass House. 

Goldenvoice and Coachella called on Alex to build a record store for the festival, a job that led to his first of many cross country purchasing trips.

But over the weekend Rodriguez did not have to travel for his latest success. The community came together to support him, with musicians, artists and crafts people — as well as record fans — gathering in Atwater Village on one of the hottest weekends of the year. 

Adam Bones of The Two Tens buys vinyl at Record Safari LA – Courtesy

There were lines outside the store over the weekend as record collectors queued up in anticipation of the opening of Record Safari LA, affording vinyl buyers a new, more centrally located retail resource.

“It was pretty cool,” said Adam Bones of the LA Bands The Two Tens and FriendlyBear. “I went with my brother and we both picked up a handful of records. They had a lot of rare original print stuff. We found some nice gems in there.”

For those who love to spin the vinyl and have a true appreciation for tunes, the new Record Safari LA is a destination that should not be missed. It’s located at 3222 Los Feliz Blvd. LA, CA 90039.

For more information check out the Record Safari LA Instagram.

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