Silent Decay – Beauty Queen Lyrics

Beauty Queen Lyrics

Hello? Is there any good fairy that can help me?
Hello? Is anybody there who understands me?

I’m afraid to see myself in a mirror
I would jump out of a window
my body builds up to an explosion
And the detonator’s destroyed by corrosion
Hairs thrive in my f**kin’ face
And I hate all shavers – it’s such a disgrace!
I wish I could but I’m a coward to do it
if you were me you would hate you too

Oh, you are my beauty queen
I still desire you till the end
Yes, we make the dream-team
and there’s nothing like it – even when you insult me
once again

My fashion rapes designer’s eyes
My manner’s based and build upon lies
I feel the door but cannot find the handle
I set all on fire but it burns just one candle
It’s so frustrating but I walk my way
And if all are jumping than I will stay
This life is not what I wished for me
But instead of change I’ll try living free!

But all in all – I should not care about others…

She is so correct, without a fail
She got the best grades of all
She’s a queen – yes
She’s alive – no
But she seems to be her own king’s wife!

You are my Queen!