Allister Crowley – Cruel Isle lyrics

Lost in the darkness, devoted yet heartless,
We bend to their will while they’re probing our lives.
Walking without cause, obeying their vile laws.

They treat us like cattle as we march in their lines.

We say “No way”, defy today
We say “No way”, defy today

Trained rats in a test cage, coerced through the next maze.
They plot us and devise ways to control our lives.
Just sheep led to slaughter, obeying their martyr.
Devoid of a free will, let the dogs lead the blind.

We say “No way”, defy today.
Oh, I’ve arrived today. Cruel Isle.

Your life part of their plan, each word said a command.
Just gears to be driven in their faceless design.
Comply as you’ve been told, a clone from the same mold.
To serve is your calling, do as master desires.

– Solo –