‘Queen Of Dancehall’ Spice Shares How Her Mom’s Struggle Inspired Her To Build Wealth

Spice says watching her moth struggle while growing up inspired her to become one of the richest dancehall artists.

The Queen of Dancehall Spice has always shared her humble beginnings with her fans, but now she’s sharing about her journey from a poor country girl to now owning many houses and building generational wealth for her children.

Born Grace Hamilton, Spice sat down with Forbes Magazine to talk about her music career and her upbringing in finer detail. She’s been in the industry for two decades, but her life full of glam and luxury wasn’t always that way, as her father died at the age of nine, leaving Spice to suffer hardships growing up.

Spice grew up in the Old Braeton community in St. Catherine, and her earlier life was full of wonderment and adventures with her parents and five other siblings. Her mother was a fisherwoman who also sold the fishes she caught at her restaurant in the community, which was frequented by tourists and visitors from Kingston. According to Spice, this is what fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. The hardship she endured was what gave birth to her ambition and drive to get where she is in life.

Nowadays, Spice is a businesswoman and a prominent artist and reality star. Her music has taken her to many places across the world but particularly atop music charts like Billboard.

In her interview with Forbes, Spice says it was her mother’s struggles that inspired her.

“I tell my mom that she’s my inspiration because I watched her struggle with all of us,” Spice told Forbes. “She truly made something out of nothing. My mother would cook one pound of rice and make sure that we all were full. We felt like we had ten pounds of rice! I come from humble beginnings, and I managed to overcome all of the adversity and boss up. On top of that, I lost my house due to a fire when I was in high school.”

Spice says she now used the tagline “From Homeless to Owning Houses” to remind herself where she’s coming from.

She added that her success is due in large part to her ability to reinvent herself and leave memorable moments with her fans, who make up almost 4 million on her Instagram account.

Spice is known as the Queen of Stage for her electrifying performances, where she goes all out for the enjoyment of her fans. For her, maintaining her stage performance and her looks in a male-dominated industry are a few of the things that she uses to her advantage.

“As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I believe my stagecraft and versatility allow me to stand out,” she revealed.

Spice also spoke about having multiple sources of income, including starting her various businesses like clothing line Graci Noir and Faces & Laces, which provides full lace wigs, beauty, skincare, as well as her own music label, which means she makes most of her profit for herself rather than pay middlemen.

She added that her poor background influenced her to drive to become an entrepreneur and break generational curse especially now that she’s a mother of two.

Meanwhile, Spice encouraged other women to pursue their goals and be diligent by working hard and praying as they strive to be successful.

Her debut album 10 is presently out after being in the works for more than ten years. In the meantime, Spice is among one of the highest-paid dancehall artists for both males and females and has been quite active as she travels and performs across the United States.

In the meantime, she is also on the hit reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta with her boyfriend, Justin Budd.

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Spice Clears Up Misconceptions About Her ‘Graci Noir’ Clothing Brand

Spice makes it clear her that her clothing brand, Graci Noir, is for everyone.

On Thursday (September 16th), Spice took to Instagram to post a screenshot of an exchange between her and one of her supporters, which took place via the comment section on one of her previous posts. The fan seemed to be debating whether or not she should purchase clothes from Spice’s clothing line, Graci Noir, as she is caucasian and believed the line was strictly for black women.

The fan questioned, “Spice, your collection is for white people [too]? I want to buy it but my friends say [it’s] not for white people and I [can’t] wear it.”

She added a very discouraged, remorseful emoji displaying her sadness over the situation. She continued, “some people can [feel] not good when white people will wear Graci Noir collection,” adding quotations as she quoted her friends. “[Is] that true? For me, outfit is an outfit but maybe I don’t know something about your collection,” the fan concluded.

Spice sweetly responded to the fan clearing up any misconceptions about her dilemma of whether to buy the outfits from the clothing line or not. Spice frequently gushes over her fans and supporters and constantly expresses gratitude towards them, so fans were not surprised that she took the time to address the concerns.

Spice courtesy photo

“Wow, this is not true. My collection (@gracinoir) was made to be represented by all ethnic [groups],” Spice began, adding the emoji of a smiling face with hearts around it.

“In fact, even tho the word “Noir” means black, a Caucasian wearing it would only show support to the black community. Make sure you tag me in your picture so I can show our unity #TogetherWeareStronger #supportblackownedbusinesses. Love always,” the artiste ended her statement with three accompanying blue hearts and a black fist.

Spice had disclosed before that her passion for fashion was born when she had to continuously come up with creative ideas for her costumes, hair, and performances, and it was throughout this experience that she had the urge to venture into the world of fashion as an entrepreneur and designer.

The Queen of Dancehall’s eye-catching, over-the-top outfits would naturally make her stand out at any stage show or live performance that she had. Thus, fans were elated yet seemingly unsurprised when she launched her clothing line, “Graci Noir,” back in 2020 when the Black Lives Matter Movement was a prominent issue in the U.S, which is where she currently resides.

Spice also revealed that through this brand, she wanted to start something new that would also carry on her black roots. She wanted to represent her complexion in her line, which is why she went with “Noir”, which is French for black. “Graci” means thankful, and she is so thankful for the support that she has been getting from her fans and followers throughout the years.

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In the caption section of the post, Spice took the time to share how much the exchange meant to her.

“I feel like posting this because she asked an important question about my brand. Even tho the word “Noir” signify my race, it doesn’t mean that it was only made to be worn by black people. (@gracinoir) can be worn by any ethnicity #supportblackownedbusinesses,” she expressed.

Many international fans were happy to hear this and thanked the fan for asking the question instead of going off of what her friends said. The comment section of the post beamed positivity as fans stood united, declaring the mantra, “divided they fall but united we stand!”

You can shop the collection at gracinoir.com.

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