Review: St. Vincent Rocks The Hollywood Bowl with Spoon and Mereba

Review: St. Vincent Rocks The Hollywood Bowl with Spoon and Mereba
September 26, 2021
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St Vincent at the Hollywood Bowl – Photo Alyson Camus


Anyone who said alternative rock could not also be extremely entertaining, obviously hasn’t witnessed a St. Vincent concert. She’s a sexy blonde, guitar-slinging, intelligent force to be reckoned with. She brought all her many artistic tools to the Bowl stage on a Friday night, for a show that left the audience breathless and amazed.

Backed by a band that included the talented Jason Faulkner on guitar and three female backing vocalists, St. Vincent performed a wide variety of songs, which ranged from guitar rock to electro dance to disco. Toward the concert’s end, St. Vincent slowed the sounds and visuals way down for the lovely vocally stacked “Live In The Dream,” which also featured her vocalists moving in slow motion while singing it. It was one highlight among many during this 18-song set.

St. Vincent’s best dance music moments included the banger, “Sugar Ray” and the Studio 54-ready “Slow Disco.” St. Vincent doesn’t just strap on an electric guitar for looks – she can really play! Many times, she dueled with her lead guitarist Faulkner for enjoyable devil went down to Georgia moments. There’s been a lot of buzz about St. Vincent of late, and this time, believe the hype. She’s that good.

St. Vincent at The Hollywood Bowl – Courtesy Alyson Camus

Spoon preceded St. Vincent for an equally rewarding set. Fronted by the lanky Britt Daniel, Spoon rocked harder and louder than most acts ever do at the Bowl. Spoon’s rock is quirky and unpredictable, highlighted by Daniel’s many times scratchy, likeable singing voice. The highpoint arrived when Daniel dedicated a cover of John Lennon’s “Isolation” to their “favorite Beatle.” And dang if Daniel wasn’t a dead ringer for Lennon!

Mereba, dressed in an appealing yellow outfit, opened the night with one called “Kinfolk,” for a set that sounded like Lauryn Hill one moment, and Sade the next. Although she only had time for seven songs, Mereba made the best of her opportunity.

Although it sprinkled just a little bit before showtime, this evening turned into another one of SoCal’s usual beautiful nights out for music. There wasn’t a dull moment, all night long, as St. Vincent, Spoon and Mereba left this audience emotionally drained and satisfied.

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