Kitten Robot Records Sets Sexy Slate of Product to Make the Most of 2021

Kitten Robot Records Sets Sexy Slate of Product to Make the Most of 2021
August 26, 2021
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Josie Cotton answers the call – Courtesy

Edited by JOHN DALY

Kitten Robot Records is making the most of 2021 with cool releases that have hit the airwaves and innovative sounds rounding out the year.

Kitten Robot, the LA-based label founded in 2019 by recording artist Josie Cotton and record producer Paul Roessler, was originally launched to provide a home for Cotton’s releases dating back to her first LP Convertible Music. 

But Kitten Robot evolved into a hotspot for new music produced at Kitten Robot Studio, including CrowJane, Tombstones In Their Eyes, Harry Cloud, Kira and Inger Lorre.

The latest musicians at Kitten Robot are Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer, Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe, Hayley and the Crushers, Glitter Wizard, Candy Whips and Velvet Starlings. Check out Kitten Robot Records here.

Josie Cotton
Josie Cotton – Courtesy
Pussycat Babylon

Genre: Electropop

Pussycat Babylon is a collection of compelling melodies upbeat rhythms and marks her metamorphosis as a songwriter.

“Pussycat Babylon was my journey into electro-pop and public nudity,” Cotton said. “I reveal everything on this record, stripped to the bone, curled up in the fetal position. I eat my own arm.”

From the go-go grabbers ‘Recipe For Disaster’ and “Calling All Girls,” to the dark “Stop Iggy Pop” and disco-style “All I Can See Is The Face of Bruce Lee” to the sexy “Super 8” this album leads listeners into Cotton’s mind.



Kira – Courtesy

CD, digital release and “The Ghost” video
September 28

Genre: Dark Minimalism

Most people have a lot to say about the last couple of years and Kira is no different. The only difference is this rising star does it in a way that lets listeners go along for the journey.

“Kira is a labor of love that has been years in the making,” Kira said. “Writing these songs allowed me to express some of the feelings that were just impossible to express in any other manner. It still makes me cry. I hope someone else out there can experience something they need to feel through a listen.”


Velvet Starlings
Velvet Starlings – Courtesy
Technicolour Shakedown

Digital (vinyl out in November)

Genre: Psychedelic Rock / Garage Rock

“We are so excited to be a part of the Kitten Robot family,” said Christian Gisborneour. “Our debut album Technicolour Shakedown will be out later this year and we can’t wait for it to come out on Kitten Robot Records.”


Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer
Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer – Courtesy
Motherfuckin’ Rock ’N’ Roll

October 12
Genre: Rock/Americana

“Eddie and I met in the late ‘90s when his band The Supersuckers took out my band The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs as support on a national tour,” said Frank Meyer. “Ever since then, we we stayed friends, touring and playing shows together.

“But when COVID hit and we suddenly found ourselves with too much damn time on our hands, and since we lived somewhat close to each other, we started writing songs together and recording them from our home studios,” Meyer said. “It started with a song called “Shit’s Fucked” that Eddie wrote about the pandemic, then we released an updated cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Jammin’ Me.’ After those first two were so well-received, we started writing an entire album and ‘Motherfuckin’ Rock ’N’ Roll’ was born.”


Dark Mark and Skeleton Joe
Dark Mark and Skeleton Joe – Courtesy
Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe

Genre: Death Disco

A project born out of respect for one another, Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe mines electronic music and unearths an experimental sound for both of them. Mark Lanegan has collaborated with former The Icarus Line frontman Joe Cardamone for this project.

With a predilection toward the darker shade of music, DMvsSJ leans heavily into midnight rhythms, inciting strains of Tones on Tail, Bauhaus, and IAMX. “I just wanted to make some instrumentals that I thought Mark’s voice would shine on, something hard with space for Mark to let go,” explains Cardamone.

Hayley and the Crushers “She Drives” (single)

Genre: Poolside Glitter
Released August 10, 2021

Hayley and the Crushers grab the steering wheel with “She Drives,” an ode to open road freedom and leaving angst in the rearview mirror. Fizzy, frothy, and still a little dangerous, Hayley and the Crushers offer up a truck load of bold, bad girl fun.

Produced by legendary punk producer Paul Roessler (TSOL, Josie Cotton, Richie Ramone) at New Wave icon Josie Cotton’s Kitten Robot Studios in LA, and mastered by Mass Giorgini (Anti-Flag, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio) at Sonic Iguana Studios, the track is a sticky mid-summer joyride paved by the kind of breezy retro-pop-rock perfection so sorely missing from today’s radio dial.

Candy Whips “Days Like These”

Released July 27, 2021
From the album Automaton
Genre: Synth Punk

“Automaton is a collection of songs from my plague bunker. Unable to commune with my normal crew of Wizards, I was forced to get creative. I had a small collection of synths I had been amassing and decided it was time to put them to work. Inspired by the works of Gary Numan, Kraftwerk and Devo, I set off in a new direction and was quite pleased with the results.” – Wendy Stonehenge

Tombstones In Their Eyes “Quarantine Blues”

From the album Looking For A Light
Released April 20, 2021
Genre: Psych Rock, Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia

Attracting fans of desert rock, shoegaze, goth, and neo-garage without aligning themselves directly with any these camps, TITE have been creating a fuzzed-out, psychedelic swirl for the past few years. Now with Looking For A Light, TITE have shifting their sound ever-so-slightly while elevating it up a few notches. It is an album swathed in thick fuzz that allows its melodies to shine bright.

CrowJane “Delusion”

From the album Mater Dolorosa
Released September 15, 2020
Genre: experimental post-punk

Mixing contemporary production with a real DIY aesthetic, CrowJane and producer Paul Roessler together explored sound textures and other effects to create the captivating soundscapes that envelop her uniquely haunting vocals.

“Mater Dolorosa was an experimental adventure of messing with different sounds and homemade instruments,” CrowJane said of the unconventional instrumentation that included tin cans, bed railings and even cat litter.

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