Nyck Caution – Fortnite

(Fortnite timer counting down)
Yeah, yeah, get ’em
Look, look, he’s right there, he’s right there
I got the grenade launcher, hold on, hold on
Oh my God…
("Storm shrinking" notification)
Fuckin’ killed this— ah! … Here it is
(Grenade launcher fires)
Oh shit! (explosion)
Yeah, you motherfucker! Yeah!
Let’s go!

I was gone two weeks, shit was a fortnight
Overseas, had no wi-fi to play Fortnite
Came back for some victory royale
Double pump to your brain, the boy foul
My assaults’ll leave scars, I sky dive
Watch me land in P Park with my guy
Chug jug when health low so I rise
Blue bolt, take one shot and you die
My group greasy like I’m at a speak-easy
With a couple moisty women, admire that I’m defeated
All of my oppositions, I’m the truth, you a fake
Take your loot by the lake, shoot a tooth out your face
Never put my tilted towers in that dusty depot
Dirty bitches, I don’t fuck around with musty people
If you can suck these shifty shafts, know what I mean
Make it clean for your mouth with a little salty spring
You know I’m fatal in the field
Snobby but I’m sure you’ll get bodied here for real
Chopping down trees, got some bricks from the brickhouse
And I’m hard as steel, find me in the haunted hills
You buy clothes when the retail low
I snipe foes down in Retail Row
Play games when I get the time
But most of y’all playing games anyway, so I guess it’s best that I’m
Disconnected from you haters, wailing in the woods
In your hood watch me bring anarchy to your acres
If I could shoot up a crater, factory getting flushed
Your junction full of junk, I’ma shoot that mother up
Ammo getting low, I’m never getting enough
One bullet left, leave Lonely Lodge in your gut
Circle getting smaller, got nobody to trust
Me against 100, I’m solo dolo it up
Solo dolo it up, yeah
Me against 100, I’m solo dolo it up, yeah

It’s the eye of the storm
Where the weapons is getting drawn, the battle is getting…
You know what I’m saying
Oh, I forgot Tomato Town?
Fuck Tomato Town!