Blueanimal Releases Inspiring Third Album ‘Figment That Was Me’

Blueanimal Releases Inspiring Third Album ‘Figment That Was Me’
August 3, 2021
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Rock/Alternative band Blueanimal has released their third full-length album Figment That Was Me.  The band considers it their most inspired work based on real world experience with mental health. 

After releasing three singles with accompanying music videos to tease their new album, the Orlando-based band rules with its
’90s-influenced hard rock and alternative with touches of prog, classic rock and acoustic.

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“Our new project Figment That Was Me is a departure from our previous albums’ sound to a more grunge inspired sound,” said lead vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Luke Elms. “I wrote this album as a concept album telling the story of a person descending into and rising out of a battle with depression and the consequences it has on his relationships, self-image, and all facets of his life.

Our world is in the midst of a pandemic of Covid-19.

“But, an epidemic that was present before Covid, and will unfortunately still be raging after, is the epidemic of mental health issues and the struggles of public perception, awareness, and stigma that comes along with it,” Elms said. “My hope is this album can help take people on a journey through this character’s struggle that will allow those that have fortunately not experienced mental health issues to gain a better understanding and those that are currently struggling to not feel so alone.”

Blueanimal started as a side project for Luke and Matt with Luke playing electric guitar and singing while Matt played the bass in their “electric duo.”  Eventually the side project grew into their main project and they started writing their debut album “Hippies & Beauty Queens” which was released in 2015.  The release was impressive, including tracks “Free” and “Dark Places.”

Blueanimal have released an impressive three official music videos to accompany the new album. Watch them here:

“Rock Bottom”

“On My Mind”

“What Does It All Mean”

Stream Blueanimal’s “Figment That Was Me” album, out now:

More Info:

Artist Name: Blueanimal 

Location: Orlando

Release Title: Figment That Was Me

Label: Independent

Musician Names/Instruments:

Luke Elms (Lead/Background Vocals, Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar, Producer), Matt Lube (Bass Guitar)

Ry Kovacevich (Cowrote ‘This Side of Me’, Lead Guitar. No longer with band but is lead guitarist on the record)

Luis Rexach (Current lead guitarist. Background vocalist on ‘Only A Man’)

Aaron Gandia (Drummer, Head Engineer, Producer)

Producer Name(s): Aaron Gandia, Luke Elms, Blueanimal

Tracklist: 1. On My Mind, 2. Only A Man, 3. Anyone But Me, 4. This Side of Me, 5. Rock Bottom, 6. What Does It All Mean, 7. Because of You, 8. Searching, 9. Better Than This – Acoustic Live


Official Website:

Facebook: @blueanimal

Twitter: @BlueAnimalMusic

Instagram: blueanimalband

Spotify: Blueanimal

Youtube Channel: Blueanimal Band

Artist Contact Email:,



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