Wild Thoughts

Lyrics to ‘Wild Thoughts’ by Tory Lanez:

–Verse 1: Tory Lanez–
I don’t know if I can take it
But I know I love it when you get naked, naked
Breakfast in bed when I taste it
Good head, pussy wet just to chase it
Girl, I’m wasted, you’re my favorite
Nigga couldn’t play you if you was on a playlist
Shawty, you know you’re my favorite
She my side piece she ain’t even gotta say shit
She give me good vibrations
So bad, she deserve a good citation
Wish a bitch would try hatin’
She can get a one-way ticket out the hood, Live Nation
I’m not a good boy, baby
I fuck her like a rude boy, baby
And If ever I throw this at you, better catch it like you knew Tom Brady
I’m in the mood for some whoosah, baby
Good head on her like whoosah. baby
I see the future
Me and you fucking in the bedroom
Now tell me what you saw, baby
Shawty tell the truth, I’m wavy
Stars in the ceiling, baby, roof goin’ crazy
Swimming in it, I feel like I live in the Matrix, baby
That pussy A-list, red-bottom, baby
New Celine on you, you deserve a whole news crew and team on you
You and me is looking like the Eulogy
I’m ’bout to get you wetter than Katrina, going New Orleans on you
Why, oh why
You got that my, oh my
You got that water, by the water when I slide, I glide, oh why, yeah
When I’m with you all I get is wild thoughts

–Verse 2: Trey Songz–
Heard that pussy for the taking
Know that pussy feel a-motherfuckin-mazin’
Baby sweeter than a pastry
Cake, cake, cake, like a mother fucking bakery
Let me put my face in your waist
Put my taste in your face
Choose on trip like your second set of lips
Put your juice on my stick, first, let me get a sip
Quick, no Trick Daddy, but daddy got dollars
Ain’t that why you wanna be my baby momma
No kids, is that something you can swallow
Got her leg shaking like my vibrato
When I put it all in, no lie, I think I’m fallin’
Drive me crazy with no hands
Goin’ HAM, no romance or slow jams
Goddamn, with the waves in your ocean
This the ride of your life, rollercoaster
Took a ride on the pipe, water flowing
Got your eyes looking blind, how they rollin’
Keep you cumming every time that we go in
Talking dirty and that pussy was poking
Death Row that pussy, I’m West Coastin’
Pray for niggas that’s less fortunate
Slay all day, I’m that focused (I like it)
Call her “bae,” like that’s Oakland, yeah
I’m not a new boy, baby
I see the future and you are, baby
Stains on the sheets, she’s on the floor
Busting all night like an UR, baby
I get around like 2Pac, baby
But, when I’m with you all I get is wild thoughts