Barenaked Ladies Share ‘New Disaster’ Video off ‘Detour De Force’

Barenaked Ladies Share ‘New Disaster’ Video off ‘Detour De Force’
June 13, 2021
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Barenaked Ladies have released a comic-book style adventure with the new video for the track “New Disaster” off the band’s  upcoming album Detour de Force.

The band’s new album promises to be one of the most diverse records to date. Though there’s a sense of humor that permeates, many of the songs have a deeper philosophy that require more than a few listens.

Ed Robertson said the latest release off the album, “New Disaster,” represents the frustration he feels with the news today.

“It is about the distraction of modern politics coupled with the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle, which is so sensational, un-vetted and un-researched. It seemed like the Nostradamus predictions of new disaster were getting worse and worse, even after we recorded the song.”

BNL wasn’t dormant as the world shut down — evidence the group’s spirited “Selfie Cam Jam” series and Robertson’s weekly Friday livestreams online, both for charity, as well as a pair of virtual concerts. But the pause brought a fresh perspective to where the band wanted Detour de Force to go.

“The pandemic really affected the album in an interesting way,” said Jim Creeggan, who penned a pair of the Detour de Force songs. “I was getting calls from friends to do remote-based stuff, people asking each other to add something to those projects. So we started reaching out and bringing other things into what we were doing.”

“We’ve always liked that our band is very diverse in what we do,” Robertson said. “On this record I really enjoyed the exploration. This record is a journey. Taking off one song would tip it in a way we didn’t feel was representative of the record we made. We wanted everything that’s here to be part of the record.”


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