Tuesday Tracks: Edge of Paradise, Lords of Black and Big Spin Drop Edgy New Music

Tuesday Tracks: Edge of Paradise, Lords of Black and Big Spin Drop Edgy New Music
August 3, 2021
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Edge of Paradise The Unknown

Los Angeles-based rock band Edge Of Paradise have announced the upcoming release of their new studio album, The Unknown on September 17, 2021. The band has released a new single and video from the album, the title track, “The Unknown.”

“This is a dynamic, cinematic song interlaced with meaningful and intimate lyrics, coming from the depths of the band’s soul,” said vocalist Margarita Monet. “Fragility, intertwined with unbelievable strength, to deliver an empowering message: Find strength within yourself and choose hope over fear.”

The band is comprised of Monet on vocals, keys; Dave Bates on guitars; Jamie Moreno on drums and Ricky Bonazza on bass.

Pre-order/save ‘The Unknown’ on CD/Color Vinyl/Digital HERE: https://orcd.co/eoptheunknown

Watch ‘The Unknown’ video here:

Lords of Black Return with ‘Alchemy Of Souls, Part II’

Lords Of Black will release their new album, Alchemy Of Souls, Part II on October 15, 2021. Fans can get their first taste of the new album with the release of the single and music video, “Before That Time Can Come.” 

Prog-power metal players Lords Of Black are set to return in 2021 with a new album, the follow-up to 2020’s Alchemy Of Souls, Part I. The new album, Alchemy Of Souls, Part II, is a continuation of the themes started on the previous album.

With the downtime created by the global pandemic, Lords Of Black worked incredibly hard to create music that pushed past the boundaries of anything the band had done in the past showing a newfound musical maturity from the band, incorporating new musical elements into their style. 

Vocalist Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, Sunstorm, The Ferrymen) delivers a strong vocal performance, guitarist Tony Hernando delivers some of the best melodic metal he has ever written, while bassist Dani Ciado and drummer Jo Nunez prove to be a powerful rhythm section.

Watch ‘Before That Time Can Come’ here:

Big Spin Drops ‘I can give you nothing’

Big Spin has released a video for “I Can Give You Nothing” off their self-titled album Big Spin. The band says their inspiration for the track comes from Sublime.

“‘I Can Give You Nothing’ is one of the simpler songs on the album but was one of the hardest for us to compose,” the band said. “We always wanted to make a Reggae song, but for some reason it never sounded quite right, until now. It’s obvious that it’s directly inspired by Sublime, one of our favorite bands.

“The lyrics, although simple, address a way of looking at love that goes beyond material things: People think that to love someone is to give them everything we have, but it’s only when we’re willing to give what we don’t have that we can truly love.”

Dancer and actress : Paulina del Carmen Fernández
Direction and Edition: Aarón Emilio Cerezo
Executive Production:
Salvador Corrales
Ayala Heleny Ortiz Jorge
Dávila Galindo


Aarón Emilio Cerezo
Jorge Dávila Galindo
Miguel Ángel Gómez Soler
Watch the video here:



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