Alkaline “Sell Off” Panama City Show As New Song Hits A Million Views On YouTube

Despite the chatter in various circles and his recent sold-out show in Panama City, Florida to raving reviews, Alkaline remains not just a polarizing figure in the industry but also one of the leading acts in the genre he represents.

With his meteoric rise which saw him carving out a huge fan base consistently expanding, Alkaline continues to effortlessly add various accolades to his resume.

The top tier multi-charting Billboard artiste latest single “Sell Off” which was recently released has amassed over a million views while securing and remaining the #1 trending song since it’s release on the popular video streaming platform YouTube. On Apple Music charts, the artiste holds 12 various chart placements in Jamaica occupying the top 5 spots with additional placements throughout the North American region.

Alkaline’s flow and use of nonsensical lyrics saw social media and his Vendetta fan base engaging in various commentary, unleashing a flood of theories behinds the tracks release. The artiste persona only adds fuels to speculations, with the artiste and his team neither confirming or denying the speculation.

“The artiste and his team is actively engaged in furthering the Vendetta movement and ensuring the artiste brand and legacy stands firm. As we can see from his performances across the Tri-state and recently in Panama City, the market demand for the brand/artiste is high and by the looks of things everything ‘Sell Off’,” Rickardo Shuzzr, Alkaline’s Publicist, told Urban Islandz.

Since the start 2021, Alkaline has managed to enjoy many successes in the face of ongoing criticism. With the highest charting Reggae-dancehall album to be released this year thus far under his belt on the coveted Billboard Reggae Album chart, paired with an impressive pure sales unit as well an impressive debut across various charts globally, the artiste impact is undisputed.

From performing at sold out venues across the US and gearing up what fans can anticipate will be a great end to 2021, the Vendetta fans can remain optimistic with more appearances, music and videos to come.

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Skillibeng Responds To Alkaline’s Diss Track With “Mission”

Skillibeng seemingly responded to Alkaline’s rumored diss track with a single called “Mission.”

The new release was first teased on Monday (September 20th) on the artiste’s official Instagram page when he revealed the first few seconds of the audio. Skillibeng added no caption and allowed the clip to speak for itself as fans immediately reacted to the new joint. The new track arrived within hours of Alkaline dripping “Sell Off” a track in which he mocks Skilli’s flow.

The catchy intro follows a well-shaped melody and makes way for Skilli’s rich, raw vocals to seep into the song naturally. The lyrics are thought-provoking, which made fans immediately piece together that the single could be a clap back at Alkaline’s new single, released hours apart on the same day.

After Alkaline dropped “Sell Off,” Vendetta fans claimed that the song was ridiculing the “style and flow” of Skillibeng as the “Extra Lesson” deejay is known for his own signature flow. Still, this song followed a nursery rhyme style made popular by Skilli, using unconventional punchlines, which sounded almost like he was talking.

On the other hand, over a trippy beat, Skillibeng showcases his lyrical prowess while taking aim at his opps. The whole song is directed as a threat to an individual who keeps bothering him as he gets ready for a mission to settle things.

Skillibeng standing on his BMW X6 | cred: @skillibeng IG

The positive reactions towards “Mission” show just how ready for battle his fans are. While neither artist has said anything regarding the speculations, fans have continued to draw their conclusions that both artists are taking aim at each other in their tracks.

“Dem nuh know waa dem a do, wa dem a wait pon/only we a original and nuh di fake one/welcome di new me really and truly/tell di judge dem tell di jury,” Alkaline deejays in “Sell Off.”

“Yuh naa done run off yuh mouth a wa yuh need me rise mi ting now an guh run/tell reverse say mi naa go run/gwan chat till unu fall a ground /from dem see mi wul an gun off, no mask coward yuh taught yuh bad yuh naa go lass yuh drop gone in one second/yuh not special/good day,” Skillibeng fired back in “Mission.”

The lyrical tension between the two dancehall deejays keeps growing bigger, and some supporters are excited as long as they keep the feud lyrical.

In reacting to Skillibeng’s “Mission,” one fan commented, “Skilli: mek mi get a mission, Alka : dat sell off.”

“Skilli be talking and sound like he rapping the dude hard nf,” another added with accompanying 100% sign and a fire emoji. “RATHID SKILLI COMEBACK WITH THIS ONE,” one E-Syde fan wrote.

Released by Eastsyde Records, “Mission” is currently #11 Trending in Jamaica for music on YouTube, with the song already gaining over 130,000 views and 17,000 likes after 12 hours.

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Alkaline Seemingly Mocks Skillibeng In New Song “Sell Off”: Listen

Alkaline drops a new song where he seemingly mocks Skillibeng.

While some fans labeled the newly released single “Sell Off” is fiery and intense, others compare the flow to that of Alkaline’s rival, Skillibeng, and are adamant that the song is nothing more than a mockery of the E-Syde deejay’s flow. Admittedly, the flow and tone of the song is unlike Alkaline’s usual style heard in his other hit songs such as “Spoil You,” “Pretty Girl Team,” “Juggernaut,” and “Champion Boy.”

This song is slow and steady with intermittent punch lines and a nursery rhyme tune that is usually aligned with some of Skillibeng’s hit songs such as “Coke,” “Badman,” and “Mr. Universe.”

Nevertheless, like much of Skilli’s work, the song is recognized as a potential hit, as both styles seem to satisfy the relevant audience.

In the chorus, Alkaline spits, “Sell off/ Seen, check out my swag, yuh know when yah win/ Anything me touch, any style weh man bring dat sell off/ Seen, curry and kitchen and chicken and wing/ Airport stick ah bank robber choplin dat sell off.”


The Vendetta Boss has so far received several positive comments for the tune. While he has not responded to claims that he is mocking the style and flow of Skillibeng, the deejay took to his social media to post a clip of the song without a caption.

“E lawd hard eno, sell off,” one fan commented while others dropped fire emojis welcoming the song.

The reactions from fans were consistent on Alkaline’s YouTube channel. “I’m dying laughing bcuz I know he’s mocking someone,” one person said. “Him do Skilli better than how Skilli do him self,” another jeered while another concluded, “He’s mockin skillibeng slow flow.”

Alkaline and Skillibeng have been at odds for quite some time, as Skilli had long announced his association with Vybz Kartel’s Gaza Empire, a known enemy the Vendetta Camp.

Fans believed that Skillibeng’s “Internet War,” released last month, was a diss track geared towards Alkaline, but he had not confirmed speculations.

Skillibeng directly noted in the song that he is not into social media jabs. In one segment, he spits, “We have new song, nuff fi mi fans, no competition. None a dem cant clash me. Da pu**y deh know him wouldn’t last, control uno camp, no mix Skill up with no fan. Gunshot will touch you for dat. Lovely!”

The two deejays are not expected to join hands anytime soon, if ever. While they have not directly addressed each other amid their reputed feud, fans are adamant that they have been indirectly aiming at each other through music.

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