California Rocker Food Review: Dave’s Hot Chicken Hits The Spot in Ladera Heights

California Rocker Food Review: Dave’s Hot Chicken Hits The Spot in Ladera Heights
August 22, 2021
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Dave’s Hot Chicken customers – Photo by Luis Moreno


Last night, I had the opportunity to chow down at Dave’s Hot Chicken in Ladera Heights and when I say this company gives new life to fried chicken, I mean it. This is literally what they mean when they use the term “Tasty Licks.”

The menu is straightforward, the food is fresh, and the meals are made with love. The food has a special regional quality, and it would be impossible to discern that Dave’s Hot Chicken isn’t a Louisiana-based or southern restaurant but was actually founded in East Hollywood.

As the story goes, Dave’s Hot Chicken was created by friends Dave Kopushyan, Arman Oganesyan, and Tommy and Gary Rubenyan. Dave, a chef trained in Thomas Keller’s (French Laundry) organization wanted to create the perfect hot chicken by searching, tasting, and … frying. The friends scrounged up $900 and put a tiny stand in an East Hollywood parking lot. The menu was simple, and chicken was the star.

As for my experience at the Ladera Heights locale, I went to Dave’s Hot Chicken with my wife and a buddy to get different opinions from different palates, of course. When we arrived, we were greeted very kindly by everyone, and they had smiling eyes because the masks were hiding their smiling faces. You can dine in or take out.

Dave’s Hot Chicken – Photo by Luis Moreno

We sat down and that’s when I realized why people were smiling. They knew we were in for a really special culinary experience. How would I compare the new restaurant chain? Dave’s Hot Chicken is kind of like a Raising Cane’s but with more soul.  Let me explain…

The Chicken Tenders weren’t just served plain on a plate. They were tenderly placed on top of regular white bread just like in the south and they had cayenne pepper on them to give the dish a slightly blackened-style flavor.

Bring your friends to Dave’s Hot Chicken

Dave’s Hot Chicken offers different heat levels on the chicken for your tongue: No spice, to medium, or all the way to “reaper,” which gives you a slight hint of what you’re getting into. Plus, put just a little bit of their honey on your dish and it’s delish.

The Mac & Cheese was real Mac’n Cheese because it wasn’t just big and mushy. The consistency of the pasta was firm, and the cheese sauce was rich. The slider was large enough to satisfy any appetite and comes with a Dave’s sauce.

Dave’s Hot Chicken Slider – Photo by Luis Moreno

Dave’s Hot Chicken offers Kale Slaw which is a very modern twist instead of the traditional cole slaw. The kale may be more vitamin and mineral-enriched, compared with cabbage, which is typically the main ingredient in cole slaw.

The atmosphere was nice enough and wall graphics were created by a local artist, which I think is a nice touch that gives acknowledgement to the local community. 

Dave’s Hot Chicken menu is simple and I think a lot of people like that, especially when hunger sets in.   

Hopefully you can find a location near you by going to

And in case you’re wondering this is not and was not a paid advertisement. I just love me some chicken!

Dave’s Hot Chicken
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