Rich The Kid Just Land In Jamaica & Already Turnt With Skillibeng’s “Crocodile Teeth”

Rich The Kid is turnt from the moment he landed in Jamaica and Skillibeng provided the soundtrack.

Skillibeng‘s hit single “Crocodile Teeth” is still picking up traction as another international celebrity was spotted vibing to the song. The single, released in October last year, has been circulating rapidly, both locally and internationally, since its release. On Friday, April 16, rapper Rich The Kid posted a video, evidently validating his stay in Jamaica. In the video, he is on the top of a building surrounded by beautiful greenery and a pool while vibing to the St. Thomas native’s hit track. The video was captioned, “When that check hit,” finished with a Jamaican flag and tagging the artiste.

Two days ago, Rich The Kid announced that he had signed a new record deal with Rostrum Records but still kept his independence as an artist. Could there be a new collab coming? This is the question fans are asking upon seeing the rapper’s obvious connection with the song. But this is not the first time the question of collaboration between international artists and Skilli had emerged, as just recently, the public shared similar ideas for fellow rapper Bobby Shmurda and the dancehall deejay.

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Bobby Shmurda, who is a fan of the dancehall deejay, had posted a video promoting songs from Skillibeng just before announcing that he would be releasing new music for himself soon. Fans had speculated then that Skilli would be featured in the new music to come.

In addition, Shmurda’s alleged girlfriend Lilly had shared a video set to the same soundtrack, “Crocodile teeth.” Shmurda has strong connections to Jamaica as his father is a native of the island.

Other international artists, including Burna Boy and Alexis Skyy, have jammed to “Crocodile Teeth,” and fans have been speculating that both the song and the deejay still have the potential to reach even further.

The EastSyde prodigy was also named in a list of Drake’s favorite Dancehall artists. On April 12, the Canadian rapper posted a picture of his “brother,” Popcaan, and Skillibeng to his IG story. The shot was taken from their cameo appearances in Koffee’s “Lockdown” video.

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DJ Khaled Lives His Best Life In Jamaica But Some Locals Questioned Gov Curfew

DJ Khaled is living his best life in Jamaica while promoting the island to his global audience, but some locals are questioning government curfew orders.

International music producer DJ Khaled has always had a serious love affair with Jamaica. So much so that he vacations here on a regular basis and is even now currently on the island working on his latest album slated for release sometime soon. DJ Khaled has always been quite vocal about his love for the island, and once he hits the shores, his fans and followers can expect posts from him detailing his trip. He has certainly become an ‘ambassador” of sorts when it comes to promoting Jamaica.

This trip is no different, as he hangs out at the spot he refers to as “Holy Mountain.” Khaled has been busy posting shots of his time on the island, which many have suspected will be featured in projects for the upcoming album. He has also been meeting up with quite a lot of top Jamaican recording artists, including Buju Banton, Capleton, Barrington Levy, and Bounty Killer. It’s safe to say his new album will definitely have a Jamaican flair to it.

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Along with sharing photos of himself and the aforementioned artists, he has also been sharing videos and photos of himself. These have, of course, drawn the attention of the Jamaican populace. Many have praised him for always showing Jamaica in a positive light. Others have pointed out that Khaled seems to have been afforded the privilege of moving freely irrespective of the current curfew measures in place across the island.

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He has been spotted with his team taking photos and videos on the beach and other popular areas, including rivers and waterfalls. One user noted: “So police run me a me yard cause me deh river buy nah run….u know what man nvm.”

The “We The Best” mogul also took some time to plug Jamaica soft drink brand Ting.

He is seen hanging out with what looks like lifeguards with a bottle of Ting in hand. In a very Jamaican-sounding voice, he says, “Some man a drink soda man like mi a drink Ting.”

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Khaled’s next album will be his 12th studio album and will be titled “Khaled Khaled.” He has already gotten some big names from hip hop on the album, including Post Malone, H.E.R, and Migos. This trip to Jamaica seems to be a further addition to what is expected to be another hit album for him. What are your thoughts on Khaled being given “leeway” to hang out at the beaches and rivers during the all-island curfew?

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Jamaica PM Andrew Holness Unapologetic About Dancehall Contributing To Crime

The Jamaican Prime Minister is doubling down on dancehall music, being a major contributor to the high crime rate in the country.

Crime has long been a growing epidemic in Jamaica that governments are often stumped with. The disturbing outbreak of violence is so outrageous that Jamaica is recognized as a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world. While this is not at all new and historically was spurred on by violent political strategies, the current government is calling for dancehall music to start observing a social responsibility to young listeners.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was recently criticized by music artists and fans for a statement regarding dancehall being a main cause of violence in Jamaica. Nevertheless, he is doubling down on his stance and is having the discussion yet again in his recent parliamentary meeting. The Most Honorable Andrew Holness, also known as BroGad, seems to be offering a blanket response to the counter-arguments from dancehall artists who have reacted to his previous remarks.

“In as much as you are free to reflect what is happening in the society, you also have a duty to place it in context,” he said. “That is not right, and though you have the protection of the constitution to sing about it, you also have a duty to the children who are listening to you to say ‘man, that is not right,’” he added.

Holness implied that artists are selective of which crimes to lash out on and maintained that all forms of violence are wrong. He went on to say that as a society, we “are not yet serious” if we cannot see that, and our outrage is short-lived. The public has had the opportunity to weigh in on the debate on social media, and while some agree with the negative influence of dancehall music on society. Many do not concur with the implication that it is responsible for the spike in the crime rate.

PM Andrew Holness, Ce’Cile & Agent Sasco

In one retort, an Instagram user commented, “Kmt you can’t control crime an a try turn on the music. Move a gweh. Look pan movies, tv, games, plus a who guh buy dub plates fi promotion. Bredda u did seh we ago can sleep wid wi doors open. Gwaan guh fix crime an low the art form that is providing a way out, U hear nuh artist a seh kidnap woman an kill them?” Another more succinct comment read, “it’s all about the person mindset.”

On the other side of the spectrum, some chimed in to say the PM’s speech was “facts.” Interestingly, it is also a fact that even decades ago, when there were no artists singing about “tek up the AK-47 and dun it inna man head” as Holness puts it, crime was also at a high rate in Jamaica. Fueled by the divide promoted by political parties, even socially conscious singer Bob Marley himself was a target of assassination attempts. Marley sang about unity and love and tried to get opposing parties to reconcile for the goodness of the country. However, crime was still at a significant level because of root causes like poverty, lack of opportunities, and of course, poor leadership (parenting, country leaders, etc.)

Some argue that that was then and this is now but just like traditions are passed down, so is the landscape of a country’s culture and the foundation that has long been set by our ancestors. Oftentimes, we understand our parents so much better after we see how they grew up, what their influences were and how what they were conditioned to believe. The same can be said about the areas where crime is concentrated in Jamaica and why it has remained so. While it is true that dancehall needs not perpetuate the idea of crime further, the positivity that Prime Minister Andrew Holness calls for it to promote is also present in the genre.

Jamaican artists sing about guns and violence but they also sing about love, struggles, hope, dreams, and other realities. Fans decide which songs get popular and which get lost in the sea of the oversaturated music industry. That being said, while a correlation is being drawn to crime and dancehall music, perhaps it is an inherent desire of the listener that drives the song and not the words of the artist that drives the crime. One Instagram user who weighed in on the matter said, “Bro the amount of positive songs out there and nobody paying them any attention, people gravitate towards the hardcore music, that is why the artiste supply the market with that type of music.”

Would Vybz Kartel be the most popular dancehall artist had it not been for the fans? More importantly, did fans gravitate towards him because of his relatability which could only come from him articulating what already exists? Based on the comments that are pouring in on the topic of Andrew Holness’s controversial statement, some believe that dancehall is being used as a scapegoat. “Gun violence and crime was around long before man an man start sing bout it. Politicians always trying to point finger and blame the citizen them,” wrote one user. “If the artist dem stop sing gun tune today crime nah move and that’s a fact,” another added.

Some also accused the PM of being a hypocrite as many dancehall artists remixed similar songs when they were called upon to promote political campaigns during the national election. “Oh but dancehall can promote politics with the same sort of songs for your campaign,” one fan wrote. Others defended Holness and his agenda, saying he is not hating on the music but rather is calling for dancehall artists to discourage violence in their songs. Again, this is done all the time in dancehall as even the biggest artists like Vybz Kartel and Mavado have contradicted previous releases by encouraging unity and the youth to refrain from crime and violence.

Like businesses, artists also have a social responsibility which they often honor with uplifting music that never gets as much attention as they ought to. However, when they sing about “badness,” fans love them for it while the government hates them for it. Music is not the only form of influential media, and dancehall is not the only genre that promotes a gangster lifestyle, so how did it suddenly become the cause of violence in Jamaica? It’s easy to pass the blame onto a large industry that has a major influence on the people, but how thorough was the research that brought politicians to this conclusion? As one commenter said, “Artist sing about the violence and the politicians provide the guns!”

The constant pointing of fingers only ignores the real source of the problem. It is no coincidence that Jamaica not only has a high crime rate but also a high poverty rate. It is no coincidence that the most crime-ridden communities are some of the poorest in the country. Should we ask an inner-city youth who grew up around violence and later adopted the lifestyle why he needs a gun or why he commits crimes? Do we genuinely believe that even one of them would say dancehall music? The widespread discourse on the matter comes from varying perspectives, none of which take into account the plight of the ghetto youth. “Why we nuh talk bout the abuse and parenting and leadership issues… a desso it start,” one citizen questioned.

What’s ironic is that the national outrage stemming from the vast increase in gender-based violence like rape – something dancehall never promotes – is what initiated the discourse on the source of crime in the first place. Perhaps our MPs ought to armor up, visit our troubled communities and hear straight from the horse’s mouth what is actually lacking that would drive them to a life of crime. Here they might uncover the seed of the worsening epidemic.

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Saweetie Reacts To Quavo Saying He Repo’d Her Bentley

Saweetie has responded to Qauvo’s claim that he had repossessed the Bentley he gifted her last Christmas in the most creative of ways.

In a recently posted TikTok video, Saweetie is seemingly telling the public that she still holds the keys to the car. The video, labeled “FRENEMIES PT. 1,” shows Saweetie searching for her keys and insinuates that her best friend, who she also plays, has stolen them. After the best friend denies taking them, the two embrace each other while Saweetie’s recent song featuring Doja Cat titled “Best Friend” plays in the background. The camera zooms in on the best friend holding the keys to the Bentley with a sly smile on her face.

The video captioned: “I know das wrong! Besties or Frenemies?” Quavo claimed he had took back the Bentley in a snippet of a track that was shared a few days ago. “Lil’ bitty b*tch, She slimy and she sneaky, taking back that Bentley.”


I know das wrong! Besties or Frenemies ? ? #bestfriend #bestfriendchallenge

? Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) – Saweetie

The snippet came after a rough breakup between the two rappers last month. The “Tap In” rapper announced she was single, following speculation from fans that the two had unfollowed each other on Instagram. Quavo responded in a tweet, saying, “I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the best.” To which Saweetie responded with a simple: “Take care.”

The two did not reveal a specific reason for their sour break up, but when surveillance footage of the two rappers fighting in an elevator surfaced, Saweetie told the media, “This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on.”

Saweetie | IG @saweetie

See photos of the Bentley convertible below.

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Master P Says Hip Hop Need A Union Amid Death Of DMX

Master P is calling on rappers to get together to prevent further cases similar to DMX’s case. He has suggested the creation of a hip-hop union.

While he said that he is also praying for the rapper, he told a TMZ cameraman that a proper hip-hop union could help a lot of at-risk rappers who need support from their own community. Master P also suggested that DMX’s, real name Earl Simmons, an overdose could have been prevented. He explained his vision was similar to retired basketball players who often become analysts or coaches.

“DMX is an icon. I just hate that we have to wait for something to happen to one of us before everybody really starts saying how much they care and love you. We got to figure out how to prevent that,” Master P said.

He added that it was time to have a frank conversation about the way forward for Hip-Hop artists who may be suffering. “The truth hurts– drugs done killed a lot of our great ones. It’s sent a lot of them to prison. I’m praying for DMX and his family. I hope that people start celebrating these icons while they’re alive. Imagine all the stuff that we could have prevented for DMX to help him. I feel like hip-hop needs some type of union. The NBA has it. What happens when a guy falls off after he done sold millions and millions of records? We need that,” he continued.

To get such a union going, it would take a new education drive on issues such as financing.

“I think it starts with education. I want to really start educating our people and letting them see that– even LeBron and KD, Kyrie Irving, everybody that represents Black Lives Matter, when the NBA talks about they’re putting money back into HBCUs, I want to see where that money go at,” he added.

He continued: “The education that we can invest in the next generation, we can prevent this. If you look at all the heroes and stars that we lost.”

DMX died on Friday, April 9, 2021, after spending a week in the hospital on life support. The entire hip hop community has been reacting to his untimely death with tributes from all over the world pouring in.

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Kid Cudi Confirms His Off-White Dress On SNL Is A Tribute To Kurt Cobain

Kid Cudi speak out after donning an Off-White dress on SNL.

It’s been a bumper year for Kid Cudi as the rapper has achieved quite a lot so far. Last night, April 10, he took to the stage of SNL and raised eyebrows not for his performance but rather for his attire. He performed two tracks from his latest project, Man On The Moon III. The two songs were “Tequila Shot” and “Sad People.”

It was the performance of the latter mentioned song that got social media buzzing as he belted out the track decked off in an Off-White floral dress with spaghetti straps along with a flashy chain. However, after the shock of his attire wore off, many fans soon realized that he was actually paying homage to the late Kurt Cobain. April 5 of this year, was the 27th anniversary of the death of the lead singer of Nirvana. He was known for performing in similar clothing, including cardigans and floral dresses. The most famous documented case of Cobain wearing a dress was for the cover of The Face magazine in 1993.

Kid Cudi also paid homage to the SNL comedian, Chris Farley. It’s not surprising that the rapper chose to make such a bold statement since he is also looking to jump into the fashion industry soon and is known for his provocative attitude. He recently announced that he would be debuting a new clothing line this summer in a collaboration with the brand BAPE.

He ended last year by dropping an album and has already announced that he expects to deliver another one next year. He added that the Ohio native recently announced that he had a Netflix series in the works.

In address the response from fans, Kid Cudi tweeted, “Virgil designed the dress for me. I told him I wanted to show love to Kurt w a floral print sundress and this man made a masterpiece. Thank You @virgilabloh ur a fuckin genius!! Love you man we did it.”

He added that he is doing a collection with Off-White and the dress will be included.

Virgil designed the dress for me. I told him I wanted to show love to Kurt w a floral print sundress and this man made a masterpiece. Thank You @virgilabloh ur a fuckin genius!! Love you man we did it!!!

— The Chosen One (@KidCudi) April 11, 2021

Im doin a collection w Off White and the dress will be included!!

— The Chosen One (@KidCudi) April 11, 2021

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Kodak Black Shares He Misses NBA YoungBoy & Wants Them To Do A Collab

Despite having once been close friends, Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy have been steadily dissing each other online since 2020. It’s not clear what caused their bond to fall apart, but Kodak seems to be taking the high road in multiple instances lately, including when it comes to his beef with NBA.

Kodak Black was released from prison earlier this year following a pardon from former President Trump, and it appears that his experience with incarceration helped him to see some situations in a new light. Following Youngboy Never Broke Again’s arrest last month, Black responded to followers online asking if he was happy to hear the news.

“Nah, I ain’t happy YB went to jail,” he replied during an Instagram Live session. “F*ck I’m happy he went to jail for? That was my lil bruh at one point. The f*ck I’m happy for? We street n***as, that could be anybody.”

Not only does Kodak clearly not wish jail on anybody following his own time spent behind bars, but he also seems ready to consider NBA a friend again. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Kodak took his sentiments a step further in a more recent IG Live video during which he admits that he misses his old friend.

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“Free that boy!” Kodak says while cozily wrapped up in a blanket. “I miss that boy, I can’t even lie about that one. I can’t even lie about that one, ya heard?”

Many fans hope that this change of heart means a collaboration between the two rappers might be in the cards in the near future, but for now, NBA remains in jail. He was arrested by federal authorities in Los Angeles due to an outstanding warrant and may have increased his sentence by feeling from officers when they attempted to pull him over. Only time will tell when these two friends can be reunited to finally reconcile their beef in person.

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Ashanti Iced Flo Rida Dating Rumors After Spotted On Yacht Together

Ashanti says Flo Rida is her brother amid fresh dating rumors after he shared pics of them on a yacht.

For years the rumor mill has consistently tried to put Flo Rida and Ashanti together as a couple. That’s mainly because the two have shared such a long and enduring friendship. The rumors died down for a while but were freshly stoked up once again after the rapper recently posted pictures of himself with Ashanti sharing a vacation together at the Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico.

Fans immediately started to excitedly ponder if the two were, in fact, together. It didn’t help that Ashanti was showing off her body in the pics. TheShaderoom caught wind of the pics and started to infer that maybe the two were really romantically involved. That was almost immediately shut down by Ashanti herself, who once again let fans know that they are just friends and that she considers the “My House” singer to be family.

The “Foolish” singer commented: “Aht aht Flo is my brother. We’re family! Celebrating my sis @liltuneshi bday!!! Happy Birthday Bink!” With those words, she effectively shut down any gossip that the two could be dating, much to the disappointment of some fans who feel that they would make an awesome power couple.

The rapper posted a series of photos of himself enjoying the sun beachside with Ashanti in the background. In one of the pictures, Ashanti could be seen lounging in a Dior bikini on a yacht right next to Flo Rida, who was also wearing a Dior tank top. He captioned that post: “If I say, ‘I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile.’”

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Ashanti also showed off her body in a printed bikini while taking in the tropical views poolside. Fans thought for sure it was a romantic partnership when Flo Rida responded to her pictures with flame emojis in the comments. Other reports indicated that it was Ashanti’s sister Shia’s birthday, and she joined them on the mini-vacay.

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50 Cent Avoids Fight With Diddy For Dating His Baby Mama Daphne Joy

50 Cent says he’s not about to get into a fight with Diddy for dating his baby mama, Daphne Joy.

For years there have been rumors of a possible rift between two of hip hop’s biggest megastars, 50 Cent and Sean “Diddy” Combs. The rumors may have started circulating over allegations that Diddy owed the Black Mafia Family for some of his success. There have also been talks of a possible rift over Vodka brands. Whatever the case may be, both have stated they have no issues despite the rumors circulating in the media.

It seems a new topic has emerged to throw gossip-mongers into another tizzy about Fifty and Diddy’s relationship. This time the subject is none other than one of Fifty’s former flames Daphne Joy, who also happen to share a son with Fifty. Earlier this week, paparazzi shots surfaced online of Daphne and Diddy cozying up together.

This, of course, sparked rumors of another possible cause for an alleged rift between both rappers. However, the G-Unit rapper took to social media to “clear the air.” He posted one of the photos with Diddy and Daphne with the caption: “Nah me and puff fight over business sh*t, If he like the girl he like the girl ? I don’t give a f***. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi.”

?Nah me and puff fight over business shit,If he like the girl, he like the girl ? I don’t give a f*ck ! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

— 50cent (@50cent) April 10, 2021

Fans and followers also threw in their bit, letting their opinions known on the comments he made. Some praised him for his stance, while others poked fun about the entire situation.

Fifty and Daphne seem to have a good relationship and even recently spent the holiday with her and their son.

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DMX Complete An Entire Album Of Work Before Death

DMX recorded an entire album of new music before his death.

The hip hop world is still in shock after the sudden loss of DMX, a legend in the rap game and arguably one of the best to ever grab the mic. Although DMX’s death will be felt among fans and music industry friends for many years to come, a forthcoming project by the Ruff Ryders alum has been confirmed by his friend and collaborator, Darrin “Dee” Dean.

During an interview with Fox 5 New York, Dean revealed that he and X spent the early part of 2020 working on a new album in Nashville following a road trip in an RV. Dee was not afraid to set expectations high for the project, saying, “It’s sad that he’s not gonna be here, but the music…This album right here is special. Like you probably never heard no music like you heard on this one that we did right now.”

From a public perspective, DMX seemed to be doing well in recent months. His manager, Craig Brodhead, and producer Swizz Beatz had both gone on record to report that DMX was healthy, motivated, and looking forward to the next chapter of his career. Speaking on the unreleased project, Brodhead said, “He was excited about it. He couldn’t wait to promote it and get out there with the music.”

The project was to be DMX’s first release following a new deal with Def Jam signed in 2019. The excitement surrounding the album was already heightened when X namedropped several of his recent collaborators during one of his final interviews, including Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, Usher, and the late Pop Smoke.

DMX reminded the world what he was made of in July of last year when he went head-to-head and hit for hit with fellow rap icon Snoop Dogg on Verzuz, the incredibly popular music platform that stirred up nostalgia in millions of hip hop and R&B fans throughout the pandemic. Hearing X’s extensive catalog of hits hyped-up fans in anticipation of new music, and although DMX has tragically joined the ranks of talented rappers taken far too soon, he left us with the gift of a final album.

Additionally, X was reportedly working on a show about fatherhood in which he planned to introduce his kids to each other for the first time, and an HBO documentary featuring the rapper is said to have finished filming before his death. DMX passed away on Friday at the age of 50 after suffering a heart attack.

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Quavo Checks In With Popcaan In Jamaica While Escaping Saweetie Drama Stateside

Migos rapper Quavo and Popcaan have linked up in Jamaica, causing fans to speculate that the two might be up to musical mischief.

As customary these days, almost every overseas artists touching down in Jamaica checks in with the Unruly Boss. A video posted by Quavo showed the two artists hanging out. The Migos rapper is seen shirtless and wearing some three-quarter pants, while Popcaan is stylish with an orange graphic t-shirt and chambray button-down shirt with his jewelry. Offset and Takeoff were not in the clip but were probably somewhere close hanging out.

“What we doing?” Quavo asks in the video, to which Popcaan responds, “Vroom, Outside.”

This might be a good move for the Atlanta rapper to escape some bad press recently regarding his ex-girlfriend Saweetie happening Stateside. Urban Islandz reported on a leaked song snippet of Quavo rapping about taking back the Bentley he gifted Saweetie in December as a Christmas present. The ex-couple was also forced to issue statements addressing a leaked video of an altercation between them from last year in Los Angeles. Despite it triggering a police investigation, both said the incident was unfortunate, and they’ve already moved past it.

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A post shared by Urbanislandz (@urbanislandz)

Quavo also shared some photos of himself on the beach in Jamaica on his IG. “Water Ya Feet Baby Don’t Bring Ya Own Sand To The Beach,” he wrote.

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Migos, H.E.R., and DJ Khaled working on music in Jamaica

A number of international high-profile hip hop and R&B stars are on the island with DJ Khaled. Among them the Migos rappers who are in Jamaica to finish up an album produced by DJ Khaled. The album “Khaled Khaled” is said to be 98% finished.

In a video he shared of himself driving around the Sandals-owned Villario Chico property, DJ Khaled said, “This is where Im finishing up the album, we’ll get close to finishing it up before I go back home and put the final touches to it.”

Khaled also shared videos on his Instagram story where he is seen drinking water from a coconut while sitting on a raft as the film crew shot scenes. He also shared Stories of his film crew setting up in the world-famous Green Grotto caves, no doubt as part of the music videos he is creating.

The caves are special to Jamaica, having been historically known to be the home of Jamaica’s first inhabitants, the Tainos. It also featured in one of the famous James Bond movies- Dr. No.

In the video, he said it is “a seven day shoot,” as he thanked his film crew for their hard work. “That album coming ‘Khaled Khaled’, it’s a movie,” Khaled said.

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Busy Signal Says Publishing Deal With Sony Music Is “A Good Look”

Busy Signal signed a publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing.

Things are looking up in Busy Signal‘s music career more than a decade after he got started in the business. The veteran dancehall artiste penned a new publishing deal with Rich Stone/Sony Music Publishing/Benelux. The agreement was orchestrated by Rich Stone Publishing’s Richie Flores, who Busy said reached out to him to make the deal.

Sony Music Publishing (formerly Sony/ATV) is a major publishing house whose roster includes the likes of Ed Sheeran, BTS, Celine Dion, John Legend, 50 Cent, and more. Dancehall artistes Beenie Man and Skillibeng are also signed to the outfit. In a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer, Busy Signal encouraged other artists to find a publisher so they can establish lifelong income from their work.

“It’s a good look. Mi doing music for some time an’ wi now starting to get certain deals, it shows something and it motivates me to keep doing what I am doing. I keep working while attracting new markets and new ventures,” the deejay said. “Having a publisher dat’s like your pension. Dat’s your retirement plan, dat’s your everything in terms of di music business aspect of it. Whether you’re a co-writer or you wrote di song by yourself, its always good to have your publishing set up.

He continued, “Your publisher monitors airplay, they authorize the use of your song in commercials or in samples of music. They are very important in terms of what we do. I would urge every artiste to reach out to a publisher.”

Busy, who also recently signed a single deal with Universal Music UK subsidiary 3 Beat, says it’s a blessing to work with a major because it really enhances an artist’s reach. His new single “Bad Gyal” which was released a week ago has already garnered over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify.

“It’s a blessing working with a company like Universal,” Busy explained. “We do di work; people see di work and feel di work. Di link to the link. Richie (Flores) reached out to me an’ said some people are interested in working with me, an’ he set di thing. And out comes di deal with 3 Beat and I’m so thankful. Dat’s a big one.”

While Busy Signal first achieved mainstream success when he teamed up with Major Lazer for their smash hit song “Watch Out Fi Dis” in 2013, this somehow still seems like his real big break. The dancehall star told the publication that he often dabbles in things outside of Jamaican culture and is constantly evolving. On his journey, he says he has been encouraged by some of reggae music’s icons, including Beres Hammond and Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert.

With a single deal under Universal and a publishing deal under Sony now in his portfolio, Busy Signal is looking forward to what’s to come.

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Shabba Ranks Gave Emotional Tribute To Late Mother Mama Christie At her Funeral

Shabba Ranks in a tribute to his mother at her funeral says that his mother has given him the coping skills to survive the world even as she passes on. He reminisced on the type of woman she was giving him love, empathy, and teaching him to survive the world.

In videos of what appears to by Mama Christie’s funeral, several persons can be seen in masks as they listen attentively to the dancehall legend. Constance Christie affectionately called ‘Mama Christie’ died at the age of 81 on February 23, 2021.

Shabba Ranks paid tribute to the giant that Christie was, a mother so influential that she even mothered children she didn’t bear. He remembered her teaching him life skills to cope.

“She nuh give I nothing more than love, and the greatest weapon, the greatest machinery in order to live life, and face life and defeat the struggle of life, my mother give me the blood of Jesus Christ, mi seh” he began.

“you can’t survive, you can’t live without Jesus inna yuh life. So you see today, over my mother body, mi a mek unu know say if you nuh know God, Get fi know God!”

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The artiste went on to say that he is a product of his mother’s wisdom and reliance on God. “See the product of God here, my mother raise me up inna that manner. This woman put on the gloves, the boxing gloves and show I how to  fight life, this woman put on the gloves and show I how to survive and strive, so when unu hear Shabba say ‘boy him love him mada’, and I man work and ensure that I mother alright… I see I mother work hard to ensure I make it inna life because Me’s a yute that grow inna the ghetto but mi nuh know what ghetto life is because my mother ensure say she work hard for her seven children,” he said.

He added that his mother was always charitable to those in the community and she was extremely popular, so popular for her good deeds that dancehall Deejay Dexta Daps dedicated one of his songs after her- “Shabba Madda Pot,” named after her feeding many children in her community.

“And not only her children but everyone else children because you know from I know my mother my mother never cook a pot of food and her seven pickney alone eat that, everybody else come in and get a plate and her favourite word to me is give to all the people you can, as long as you can, however you can,” Shabba said to which there were shouts of  agreement from the crowd.

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H.E.R. Calls On Reggae Artists For Her New EP

Grammy Award-winning soul singer H.E.R. has landed in Jamaica as she works on an upcoming reggae-inspired EP as well as a song on DJ Khaled’s upcoming album “Khaled Khaled.”

The soulful singer who collaborated with Bob Marley’s grandson Skip Marley on their hit song “Slow Down” which was nominated for a Grammy, said her EP will feature other reggae artists from within the island.

“Me and DJ Khaled have a song together that I’m really excited for people to hear, and he wanted to shoot the video here. My EP that I’ll be releasing is gonna feature a lot of reggae artistes. It’s gonna be dope,” she said to local newspaper, Jamaica Observer.

H.E.R says after making “Slow Down” she was inspired to make Reggae music, especially since she has always loved the genre.

“I felt like Slow Down was one song that made me even want to dive into reggae even deeper. I’ve always loved reggae, and now I’m about to do a whole reggae project,” she began. “My EP is definitely coming this year. I’m still finishing it up and making sure its great before releasing it.”

“Slow Down” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B song. The song was among several nominations for H.E.R. (acronym for Having Everything Revealed), who was born Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson at the Grammys. She eventually walked away with Song of the Year for 2021 for her song “I can’t breathe.”

The song was centered around the Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd, whose last words were “I can’t breathe,” as a police officer Derek Chauvin kept his knees on his neck for nine minutes. An ongoing trial of Chauvin has found that his actions led to the death of Floyd.

According to H.E.R, the ensuing protests and social upheaval weighed heavy on her, and the win for her song was unexpected.

“It’s such a big deal and an honour. I didn’t expect to win it, and there were so many amazing artistes in the same category. When I heard the announcement, I was super surprised. The [song’s] message, it really came from my own personal anxiety and looking at the world around me and my perspective of the world and what was going on in the summer of 2020 and the protests in America,” she said.

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“I couldn’t really believe that people listened to the song and it gave them perspective. It really means the world to me just because it’s an important message and also very personal to me.”

Meanwhile, H.E.R has not revealed who the artists are who will feature on her EP, but it seems likely that DJ Khaled is lining up the links among the best of Reggae and Dancehall. The EP is expected to be released later this year.

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Beenie Man Shares Clip Of Inside His Mother’s Tomb Fitting For A Queen

Dancehall icon Beenie Man laid his mother to rest in fine style fitting for a queen.

Beenie Man’s mother, Lilieth Sewell, passed away in September 2020 at the age of 63, after spending several weeks getting treatment at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) following a stroke in July last year.

Despite her age, Beenie Man and his family ensured Sewell was not buried on a traditional burial ground but in a trendy two-story tomb located in her native parish of St. Elizabeth. Videos circulating on social media show the burial home, which is laced with gold-colored curtains, a modern, white door, a sofa set, a mirror with his late mothers’ picture, and her tomb in the middle.

The “King of the Dancehall” deejay said goodbye to his mother during a sorrowful ceremony in October.

A video of Beenie Man fainting at the funeral had circulated on social media, and the artiste later explained that, “On Sunday, October 25th I laid my mom to rest. It was by far and still is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Leading up to the day of the funeral I was involved in every aspect of the planning an execution.”

Beenie Man

He continued, “I kept telling myself, maybe if it remained active I will be able to function. Unfortunately, when it came down to that very last moment, it hit me and hit very hard. This would be the last time I would see my mom. Despite the noise, the singing, the mourning, all I could hear was silence while watching my mom’s body being lowered into the tomb.”

The recording artiste gave a tour of her burial site two months ago on the day, which would have been her 64th birthday.

During the tour, the “Girls Dem Sugar” said, “This is the serious point about it. To how mi love mi mada, mi couldn’t bury har under the ground, mi haffi have har close. Mi nuh know still, mi love my mada different, mi nuh know bout no other people and dem mada, my ting different.”

Beenie man had also announced that he was showing his love by dedicating a community center to his mother. The facility will be constructed in the community of Waterhouse.

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Master P Almost Fight Kobe Bryant Forcing Lamar Odom To Step In

Master P almost had a brawl with Kobe Bryant, according to a tale from Lamar Odom.

Kobe Bryant is still being remembered a year after his death. The self-proclaimed Mamba player is known for his drive and competitive spirit and will go down in history as one of basketball’s greatest. He was also competitive and demanded respect on his own turf, especially from those who stepped foot on his training grounds.

One of those moments was recalled by Laker player Lamar Odom who says that Master P once showed up at a Laker’s practice session, and immediately, he and Bryant clashed- almost coming to blows with Master P.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Odom said the men’s headstrong personalities clashed immediately. “The aura, the energy or the timing of it, [Kobe] wasn’t really kinda feeling it,” he began. “You gotta understand, these are two alpha males and their own, in what they do. [it was] Awkward. You feel me? So I’m from the street so I can peep it.”

Odom said he stepped between both men to quell a possible physical altercation. “So, I’m tryin’ to just dead it, but it was awkward. It wasn’t like, getting in the middle, but I’m just gonna check both of they temperatures and make sure they cool. I’m gonna use my Jamaica, Queens instinct. The energy was just off between them.”

While Odom couldn’t recall the exact dates, it was around the 2004-2005 season in which the Lakers disappointingly missed the playoffs. Odom and Bryant were teammates from 2004-2011.

Kobe Bryant a Phony

It seems that Master P wasn’t fond of Kobe, having himself had a pair of training camp stints in the 1990s, and he’s been very critical of Kobe even after that incident.

In 2015, he called out Kobe for being “phony” when he reached out after Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel.

“I’m talking about Kobe,” he said. “All this man wanted to do was play basketball. Kobe was his friend and he like owned the team. He could’ve got [Lamar] back on the team. Even in that situation, I think [Lamar] was just searching for love. His biggest problem was where the people were at that he showed love to. It’s phony,” Master P had then said.

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JT & Lil Uzi Vert Gushes Over Each Other After He Gifted Her A Louis Vuitton Bag

JT and Lil Uzi Vert can’t stop gushing over each other.

The love affair between the City Girls rapper and Lil Uzi Vert has been confirmed, the two have not been shy about displaying their affection for each other for the world to see. When he is not sending her crab legs or other tokens; He is gifting her expensive brand name items. His latest gift to his boo is a new Louis Vuitton bag.

As is the usual style, they share everything with their fans, and this gift is no different. JT posted a photo of the very exquisite bag with the caption, “Thanks for spoiling me, treating me like a queen, the consistency, the things behind the scenes! You always doing your big one for me! Making it harder for the next exclusive lurkin.”

In response, Lil Uzi Vert wrote, “Your friendship and love is worth more than ALL THIS STUFF…Thank you. just thank you.”

It has only been about a month since the two confirmed they were in a relationship. For a long time, there was some speculation with neither partying giving into the hype and buzz. However, in early March, they both confirmed they were indeed together. Since then, the two have constantly been very affectionate online and have been sighted in public out and about.

The pair also seem to spend a lot of time online defending each other, and they are now surrounded by enormous bouts of drama. It can be either a comment or action that has drawn the ire of their respective fans, but both parties seem to delight in addressing just about everything. Just a few days ago, JT was online telling off fans about an attempt made to stir up trouble with Lil Uzi and her fellow city girl member Yung Miami. From all indications, both herself and Yung Miami seem to still have a pretty good relationship, and she even commented on JT’s new gift writing the fire emoji.

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A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)

In regards to the fans’ responses, some praised the happy couple wishing them well, while a large number of them seem tired of the JT and Lil Uzi Vert saga and their constant drama.

Clearly, fans don’t view the relationship as one of substance and believe that the pair is focused solely on material things. They note that for them, this is definitely not “couple goals.”

Another user bragged, “I can get that at Aldo for 40,” taking a swipe at the price tag for the bag, which is reportedly 40K and upwards of 300K.

One fan also likened JT and Uzi’s relationship to Saweetie and Quavo’s. Does this mean that a bitter end is also in the future for this pairing?

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Bounty Killer Told PM Holness To Listen His Anti-Gun Anthem “No Gun A Rise” With Chris Martin

Bounty Killer told PM Andrew Holness to listen his new anti-gun anthem “No Gun A Rise,” with Christopher Martin.

The dancehall legend shared a clip from the music video and used the opportunity to call Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s attention to the single. Holness have been under fire for his position on dancehall music being a major factor in the country’s surging crime rate. Bounty Killer and Christopher Martin’s “No Gun A Rise,” was released two months ago, long before the Prime Minister blamed dancehall lyrics for high crimes.

Both men blended their voices to promote peace and happiness, while the Yakub & Amlak music video highlights all that makes one of the most famous islands in the world such a paradise.

Christopher Martin opens the song with the chorus, “Thank God mi see di sun a rise, and the youths dem son a rise, di kids dem life dem nuh fi jeopardize, nuh wah see nuh gun a rise.”

The song continues with Bounty Killer delivering a biting verse, warnings the youths about the pitfalls involved in a life of crime and violence.

“NUH GUN A RISE. Mr. Prime Minister @andrewholness did you heard this one?” Bounty questioned. The Holness-led administration has pledged to take greater control over the country’s creative element as a way to purge the music of its violent nature. Jah Snowcone handled the production on this single.

The post sparked comments from fans who left a trail of fire emojis in the comment section, including a Chris Martin cosign. Bounty Killer, who is often referred to as ‘poor people government,’ has never been one to hide his thoughts about corruption, violence, or any other social issue in Jamaica.

Killer was recently featured on Tommy Lee Sparta’s “Brighter Days” single, which boasts a total of 14 of Jamaica’s biggest entertainers, all joining the forces to promote peace, hope, unity, and love.

The music video released on Jan 25, this year, is a must-watch if one is interested in seeing a violence-free Jamaica.

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NBA YoungBoy Looks Happy In Jail As He Smiled For A Photo With Inmates

NBA YoungBoy looks happy in jail in a leaked photo.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has had his fair share of run-ins with the law and jail stints. The rapper was only relieved of probation just over a year ago, and while he has made an attempt to stay on the right side of the law since he hasn’t managed the feat for long. His most recent arrest followed his attempt to flee the police when they tried to detain him, which certainly will not look good in court. The rapper is reportedly facing up to ten years on federal charges.

In spite of his legal woes and detention, NBA YoungBoy appears to be in good spirits behind bars. The Top rapper is seen in a newly surfaced photo showing off an unusually bright smile in the company of four other jailbirds. Clad in his orange jumpsuit with his hair braided, YoungBoy is cheering out rather hard as he poses in the center of the photo. While some fans are relieved to see the rapper seemingly doing well, others are questioning his apparent contentment.

DJ Akademiks shared the photo on Instagram on Wednesday (April 7), and it invited thousands of comments from fans and critics alike. “He looks like he having a little too much fun,” one fan wrote. Others chimed in with, “Nah no one can like jail that much” and “He look happier than he do when he free.” Perhaps jail is something you can get used to after enough visits. One commenter claimed that the rapper’s jail mates were fans and that he is “chilling” on the inside.

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A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks)

What seems to be a common opinion is that NBA YoungBoy was never seen smiling like this when he was out in civilization. The Kanye West effect seems to be activated by a lockup. While he is expected to do some real jail time this time around, some fans still have faith that his legal team will pull through. “Ima be real, ik he might be facing some years or that’s what people say. But sum telling me he ain’t gone be in there for long,” one supporter said. “He looks
like he bouta snitch,” another jested.

NBA YoungBoy is currently facing federal possession charges stemming from his arrest in September. His lawyer maintains that he was not in possession of any firearms. The rapper was denied bond for failing to do a court-ordered drug test per his previous bond conditions.

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Cardi B Puts Offset On Alert Says This Year It’s All About Getting Her Worth

Cardi B is making sure the public aware that she knows her worth and some fans are pointing to Offset.

The “Up” rapper admitted that she has settled for less in the past, but NO MORE. Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, has signed numerous deals with big brands, including Uber and Facebook. However, in an interview for the cover of XXL, the rapper informed readers that she plans to get even richer, as she deserves all this and more.

“I feel like I’ve been on deals before that like, yeah, I got paid, but I feel like I deserved more. And I made sure this year that I get everything I deserve. Not just on music deals but on everything,” The 28-year-old said.

Cardi B, who is born of a Dominican father and a Trinidadian mother, also spoke about race and gender and the role it plays when assessing her value in the entertainment industry.

“For example, sometimes I feel like a company might see, you know, a girl like me, a colored girl like me. I’m a colored girl and I’m from the ‘hood and sh*t. And they might be like, ‘Oh, we could offer her a $2 million advance.’ And the company is gonna make out of you, probably fu**ing $50 million, $100 million. And you settle for $2 million because they think that you’re so thirsty for that money that they just gonna give you the $2 million,” she said.

The Grammy award-winning rapper assessed the realities of being a black woman in the entertainment industry, as much as she does not like to blame racial issues in America.

“It’s just like, sometimes you do see that race really matters and sh*t because I’ve been seeing some influencers, that are not, you know, like me. Caucasian influencers. And they’re getting paid big money. I’m a whole artist. And there is other artists that I know how much they’re getting paid,” She explained.

She added that she has been doing her research and has realized that she was “ripped the f**k off” but has made up her mind that she will no longer be accepting mediocrity but will, in fact, be going for what she deserves.

By doing this, the rapper said she had surrounded herself with good people and credited her husband, rapper Offset, for his financial advice. Still, some fans thinks she should also asked for what she deserves from Offset as they point out to his past infidelity.

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Spice Gives Update On Her Atlanta Expansion, “Its A Takeover Atlanta We A Do”

Spice’s casting call in Atlanta was a success, according to the artiste, who shared that dozens of fans showed up as they tried out to become a part of Team Spice, Atlanta edition.

Spice shared on her Instagram account that she was impressed by the people who showed up. “People are here who is like ready, they have their work ethic, I see hairstylists come with mannequin head fi show me dem hairstyle dem can do, dancers are here, and choreographers are here too.”

According to Spice, her new team is for a takeover of Atlanta, where she presently resides with her two children, after migrating from Jamaica to be a part of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast three years ago.

In spite of the pandemic, things got underway. “Outdoor [because of] covid, everybody got tested, we following the protocols, six feet apart,” Spice said as she put on her face shield and went out to greet fans who waited for hours in long lines to join the audition.

“People came here from like morning and mi nuh want nobody say ‘oh mi never get fi meet Spice,’” she said. The audition took place outside of KOD as Spice walked around and greeted her fans as she enquired who was applying for what position.

She also apologized and thanked fans for coming out to audition as they waited. Spice said even fans came out to get a glimpse of her as she committed to meet with everyone to thank them personally. Spice says she’s preparing for the release party of her album 10 and a new single as she creates a dream team.

“We a build an empire, real people, dream team, and we just outside right now and we’re getting prepared for the single release party coming up so you know we have to have the real rollout, and my album is coming out, album 10 and the big single “SSS,” she said.

While Spice has shared few details about her upcoming album, it seems that the new project would be her first in years, and it is being released by VP Records, who once shared a tense relationship with Spice as she called them out for never releasing an album in spite of her being signed to their label for ten plus years.

Shaggy is involved with “10′ which some fans have praised as Spice has always said she wanted to win a Grammy. Shaggy, a two-time Grammy winner and hits maker, is noted to be among the best musician of the era and no doubt will be producing a masterpiece for Spice.

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Lil Tjay Explains Why He Will Not Buy A Pair Of $16K Dior Jordan 1 Sneaker

New York rapper Lil Tjay has definitely earned the respect of the masses after he declared that he would never pay $16,000 for a designer shoes.

The “Calling My Phone” rapper was chilling with host Joe La Puma from Complex’s popular “Sneaker Shopping” show on Wednesday, April 7. The show gained popularity among sneakerheads through its high-profile interviews with artists, actors, and athletes at different sneaker outlets across the U.S.

When asked his views on the Dior Jordan 1, Lil Tjay responded, “It’s fire,” but when asked if he would pay 16 thousand dollars for the footwear, he said, “F*** out outta here. I know n***as struggling to pay they rent.”

The 19-year-old “Love Hurts” rapper has been gaining commendations from fans, who commented on his response. One person highlighted that the rapper’s financial wisdom didn’t reflect his age. “This how he stays rich and doesn’t go broke. He smart af.”

Despite the positive comments, it wasn’t all sunshine in the comment section, as persons blasted Tjay for what could be considered a hypocritical stance.

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A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks)

Lil Tjay, whose real name is Tione Jayden Merritt, seems to be growing into a better version of himself each day. The “Headshot” rapper was introduced to the entertainment industry from as young as 16 years old. In 2017, he began releasing his music on SoundCloud. One of his first songs, a track titled “Resume,” began circulating online and eventually went viral, officially starting the rapper’s music career.

The rapper, who has had multiple encounters with breaking the law, recently disclosed that being locked away in jail changed him for the better and that when he “had not

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Safaree’s Wife Erica Mena Gets Spice To Perform Live For Him In Their Backyard

Erica Mena came up with a grand idea to entertain Safaree.

The Love and Hip Hop star manage to get fellow Love and Hip Hop Atlanta castmate, Spice, to perform for her husband, Safaree Samuels, who appears to be at home bored out his mind. Like most of us, the couple has been home most of the time throughout the pandemic over the past year. That may be a good and bad thing since they get to spend a lot of time with their baby girl, but it may also cause some problems in their marriage.

Last night, Safaree posted a clip on IG showcasing Spice and her Team of dancers performing live in his backyard by the pool with a giant image of him. The Jamaica-themed show had a huge Jamaican flag and Jamaican colors everywhere.

“It’s official I’m not leaving my house this summer My wife just surprised me and brought Jamaica to my backyard,” Safaree wrote. “I cannot believe I just walked in my yard and had @spiceofficial performing at my crib Yoooooo this was insaneee omg!!! Yooo thank you wooo much! WOWW I am speechless!!reggae Sumfest in my yard!!! The best part was the big picture of me in the back.”

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A post shared by Safaree ?? StuntMan (@safaree)

Perhaps this is Erica Mena‘s way of making her man happy after their very public social media spat recently where all signs were pointing to a divorce in the making. All that aside, it’s great to see one of our favorite celebrity couples patching things up and living their best life. At least Erica didn’t have to pay Spice for traveling expenses since she now lives in Atlanta, a few minutes drive from Safaree and Erica’s new mansion in the A.

One glance at the comments, and you will quickly notice a comment from Chet Hanks, who wrote, “Bruh where tf was my invite.”

Yandy Smith, who is a longtime friend of Safaree, wrote, “It ain’t even ya birthday!!! See Happy Wife Happy Life!”

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Cardi B Shares Steamy Studio Session With Offset While Recording “Um Yea”

Ever wonder what it’s like when Cardi B and Offset record music in the studio?

Cardi B is super into her husband, Offset, and she has not shied away from sharing the gory details of their romantic relationship as unsolicited as the details might be. According to Cardi, she doesn’t want to give fans any fake awkward romance stories as she proceeds to disclose one very detailed encounter when she and her husband first started dating.

The “Up” rapper shocked fans when she reminisced on a song the two collaborated on – “Um Yea,” as she shared a short clip on Twitter of an encounter the two had when the song was recorded in 2017.

According to Cardi B, it was the first time she and Offset, who is now her husband, got into the studio together. The recording of the song, however, caused things to get steamy between the two.

“I don’t want to give you this weird, fake a– romantic, awkward story, but, um, I remember this one time when I was in the studio with Offset and he was doing ‘Um Yea,’ the song that me and him have together,” she began.

The 57 seconds drama continued as Cardi described watching Offset, who was also looking at her. “He was spitting it out of nowhere and while he was doing the song and everything he kept looking at me and grinding and smiling and s–t while he was making the song and then I told him I want to get on the song,” she explained. “So I just started writing my verse and everything and he was looking at me like, ‘awww s–t girl!”

Cardi B is not known for subtlety, but the voice note ended with her saying, “we f**ked. Right after, so, Um Yea.” Of course, her fans found her ability to tell a story hilarious, while others criticized her for sharing the grimy details which her daughter, Kulture, might one day come across on the internet.

Ummm yea

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) April 5, 2021

Imma slide

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) April 5, 2021

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NLE Choppa Insists Cops Set Him Up Vows To Fight Firearm & Drug Charges

NLE Choppa says he was set up by police officers when he was arrested on Sunday last (March 28).

The Memphis rapper, whose real name is Bryson Potts, was arrested in Florida and charged with burglary, possession of a firearm without a permit, possession of Xanax, and possession of marijuana under 20 grams. NLE Choppa, however, is disputing the Police charges as he says it was all a setup and that the drugs were planted on him.

“During this arrest I was setup, substances were planted on me that I don’t consume/use/own, my name was lied upon, and I was mistreated in the process,” he said on Thursday on his official Instagram account. “This case will be beat and I will walk away a free man, remember it’s innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.”

Choppa also said he felt he was a target because of the person he was. “to begin when you start changing lives around you and began to stand for something deep in your purpose, you become a target to a certain group of people and also the devil.”

The police allegations are that NLE Choppa and another man were captured on surveillance video wearing ski masks and jumping over a gate at the Superior Towing Company tow yard around 2. Am. The police say Choppa told them that he jumped the fence to get a watch from a car in the lot. The car was towed earlier in the day; however, at the time of the men jumping the fence, the car was not there.

Meanwhile, NLE Choppa announced that he was selling merchandise printed with a photo of his mugshot. The items, which include “Choppa Free” hoodies and tees, were dropped along with a video for a new single, which shows footage of him walking out of jail.

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Sean Paul Praised Masicka For His Versatility To Deejay On Trap Or Dancehall Beats

Sean Paul will only give Masicka a pass for using trap beats in dancehall.

The dancehall icon has never been one to shy away from giving his opinion when it comes to Jamaica’s music, and this time around, he is sharing his thoughts on some of the genre’s newcomers. During an interview with Anthony Miller, Sean Paul spoke about some acts that have been dabbling in the new Trap sounds which have emerged from the island in recent years.

The dancehall legend named Masicka as the artiste that he thinks is the most “versatile” of these new entertainers while suggesting that some are better suited and equipped to compose songs within the realm of trap-dancehall versus the old school dancehall beats.

Sean Paul says that a lot of the younger dancehall artists are sounding way better on trap beats than traditional dancehall riddims.

When Miller asked him for examples of names who he considered fit this pattern, he reluctantly named Gage and Skillibeng as two such acts.

Masicka has a rare talent in dancehall

On the contrary, Sean Paul says Masicka “does it “effortlessly” and as a result, he respects him for it. He went on to add, “I have seen him go on a Trap-Dancehall type a track, an I seen him go on a dancehall track an him sound dope on di both a dem.”

SP is not the first major act to point this out as back in 2019, Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas had alluded to something of a similar nature in reference to dancehall artists and reggae beats.

Bounty Killer had come out placing blame at the feet of the producers for “watering down” the music. He proposed for producers to stick to the more authentic sounds as introducing Trap and Island Pop somehow seem to cripple some artiste ability to be able to deejay the regular way on a dancehall track.

Mr. Vegas also echoed similar sentiments after Bounty made his statement and blamed it on the young producers who he classified as “stifling the artiste.” He pointed out that most of the newer producers did not even know how to play an instrument and, as such, could not differentiate if they were even off-key. He stated they were more heavily reliant on computer software programs to create their sounds.

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YG Uploaded Censored Version Of “Meet The Flockers” After YouTube Yanked It

YG released censored version of “Meet The Flockers” after YouTube yanked the original.

As the disturbing and ugly trend of hurting Asian people continues in the US, some social media companies have been trying to be proactive in removing any anti-Asian hate speech from their platforms. YouTube was one of the first to announce stricter measures aimed at weeding out any vitriol that appeared on its platform that might be perceived as hatred towards Asian people.

They stayed true to their word and have already begun to remove a lot of videos. The first sign that some rappers will be affected by their decisions is the removal of YG‘s song “Meet The Flockers,” which has been removed from the platform. The song tells a story of committing a robbery in an Asian neighborhood.

At first, YouTube didn’t look like they would be targeting music videos, but it seems after several calls from critics and mounting pressure, they decided to take the song off the site. Both the track and the video have vanished. What’s interesting is that if you search for YG’s “Meet The Flockers” on YouTube, you’ll be directed to a video that has news coverage about a robbery that was allegedly inspired by the song.

Some fans have tried to re-upload the song, which resulted in a number of low-quality audio that youTube will more than likely delete soon. Some live performances of the song remain for viewing.

Over the last two weeks, there has been a significant upsurge in violence towards Asian people, with the trend gaining momentum. In one of the latest attacks, which seems to mostly target elderly Asians, a woman was sadly stabbed to death in California while walking her dogs. Authorities believe that the attacks are motivated by the perception that all Asians somehow caused the Coronavirus pandemic. So far, authorities have labeled most of these acts as hate crimes.

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Inside Lil Wayne’s New $15 Million Mansion In Hidden Hills Next To Kylie Jenner

Lil Wayne splurged over $15 million on a new manson on the West Coast.

Weezy is now the talk of the town as he joins celebrities like Kylie Jenner in Hidden Hills. The “Lollipop” rapper has recently unveiled his sweet, new mansion in the high-profile gated community. The new piece of real estate has reportedly cost him 15.4 million dollars!

The five-time Grammy-winning artiste is now the neighbor of American model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. The palace, as it is dubbed by the public, is roughly a 12,135 sq. ft. custom estate with 7.5 baths, 7 beds, and an open floor plan with panoramic views.

The other luxurious sections inside the mansion include the wine display, entertainer’s lounge, chef’s kitchen, home theater, and breakfast room. We must not fail to mention the exterior sections, which include the pool, multiple patios, a basketball court, and a guest house.

Lil Wayne’s luck seemed to have made a turn since he was granted clemency by former President of the United States, Donald Trump, in January this year. The rap star was among a list of 140 people who had their sentences commuted or were pardoned by the former President on his last day in office.

Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of firearm by a convicted felon in relation to a December 2019 incident. It is reported that when police searched his private jet in Miami, the rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr., was found carrying a gun and bullets. He was facing up to 10 years in prison but, after meeting and endorsing Trump during the campaign for elections last year, he was pardoned in January.

The “How to Love” rapper is known as one of the biggest and most influential artists of his generation and is a multiplatinum-selling artist.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Gets Fan Love In Dominican Republic From Screaming Kids

Seems Tekashi 6ix9ine has officially taken a break from music again and is spending some time in the Dominican Republic.

The “FEFE” rapper shared a video to his Instagram account in which he was seen greeting a few natives, who all seemed befuddled by his appearance. Tekashi 6ix9ine didn’t journey to the region empty-handed, as he provided money to the crowd that gathered to greet him.

69 captions his post: “To all my fans I love you.. I’m sorry I been away from music. In all reality, I’m not happy. The fame and the money doesn’t mean anything to me because it doesn’t bring me joy. I say all this because when your chasing your dreams in life remember God comes first. Never lose sight of that. He blesses you in life because he sees the good in your heart and with that blessing you learn to bless others. I will continue my journey to find happiness within myself and find the joy I once had.”

The post has seemingly shown a different side of 6ix9ine from what fans are accustomed to. This is also the first Instagram post in nearly three weeks from the notorious troll.

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The source of 6ix9ine’s unhappiness may have also come from his relationship issues, upon Jade’s confirmation that the two have broken up and even revealing she covered up his tattoo. The two have been together since 2018 during, as 6ix9ine took on the legal issues stacked against him and the high-profile trial.

The breakup came as a shock to many, as 6ix9ine had just made headlines days earlier for gifting her with Channel handbags costing $50,000.

Others have also speculated that the source of his unhappiness is stemming from the hatred he has received following his decision to provide information against his fellow gang members.

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Gucci Mane’s Artist Ralo Thanks Drake For Helping Get On President Biden’s Radar

Gucci Mane‘s artist Ralo who was arrested in April 2018 for marijuana possession, is hoping that he will be a free man soon as the US continues to legalize marijuana. The latest states to take the initiative to legalize the plant include New York and New Jersey, who made the announcement on Friday.

Ralo is still behind bars following his arrest on federal drug charges after about 444 pounds of marijuana were discovered on a private jet registered in his name. Even though possession is legal in the state, selling or growing marijuana remains illegal. He is appealing to President Joe Biden for a pardon. He is also hoping that some high profile supporters like Drake will help his cause.

Yesterday, April 1, he made an appeal on Instagram for his freedom.



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Ralo could have been out on bail, but it was revoked after it was discovered that he was still making drug deals from behind bars. According to Judge Michael L. Brown: “[Prosecutors] presented evidence that [Ralo] had continued participating in the distribution of drugs following his arrest in this case and while in custody.”

The evidence against him included handwritten notes from his kids’ mother’s purse that warned her to save money and used code words for drugs.

“There simply can be no other conclusion from his efforts to establish pricing and distribution for ‘8-balls’ and ‘grams,’ his instruction against the use of ‘shake,’ and his warning to be wary of law enforcement ‘listening’,” the judge added.

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