Call for Mentors:Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Entrepreneurship Programme 2018

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Entrepreneurship Programme was launched on 1st January 2015 to identify 10,000 African entrepreneurs over 10 years, with ideas that have the potential to succeed.
Mentoring is one of the core pillars of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. The Programme assembles world-class volunteer mentors, from across Africa and globally, who will guide
the selected mentee entrepreneurs towards business success.
Commencement Date: May 1st 2018
Mentors are selected for their demonstrated expertise, passion and alignment to the programme’s vision and mission. The engagement between each mentor and mentee
(entrepreneur) is developed and sustained within a closed mentorship and online learning portal; where mentors will provide dedicated support to encourage the development and application of entrepreneurial skills in their assigned mentee.
The outcome of this comprehensive framework is to develop the identified mentees
to become successful businesses that will grow and create up to 1 million jobs and contribute
$10 billion in revenue to the African economy.

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The following are required of Mentors:
Complete the mentor registration form that will be part of the mentor’s profile on the mentoring and learning portal, hereby granting the Foundation, unrestricted access to the information provided.
Consent to being matched with up to four mentees by the portal administrator based on information provided in the registration form.
Commit to a one-year term and a minimum of 4 hours per mentee per month for the first three months from May to July and 2 hours per month for the next five months from August to December.
Commit to delivering mentoring sessions through the programme’s mentoring and learning hub for which access will be given upon acceptance. Consent to contributing articles and learning content for the online resource library. Consent to having a social media profile on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
Must not be an applicant on the entrepreneurship programme or currently receiving funding from the Foundation.

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Mentors are required to have the following characteristics to be considered for the mentoring role:
Substantial experience in business and supporting new entrepreneurs i.e. a successful business owner or middle to high-ranking career executive
Ideally have a track record of helping others grow and develop
Possess a passion for entrepreneurship and/or business operations
Strong listening skills and self-awareness
Ability to share successes and failures in order to help others learn
Must be at least aged 30 and/or have at least eight years business or Managerial experience.

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March to April : Mentor Selection & Matching
May – July : 12-week online business training for selected entrepreneurs (with mentor support), Portal access to Mentoring & Learning Platform

October : TEF Entrepreneurship Forum (for Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Key Entrepreneurship Ecosystem stakeholders)
August – November : Entrepreneurs complete their business plans (with mentor support )
December : End of Year Announcements

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