DaniLeigh Reportedly Pregnancy For DaBaby Amid Video Of Her Baby Bump

Danileigh is reportedly pregnant for her ex-boyfriend DaBaby amid a new video.

“Dominican Mami” singer DaniLeigh gives fans new mommy vibes after a recent video of her chowing down some food surfaces online. Naturally, fans have already begun to assume that her unconfirmed pregnancy is with the only man she has been linked to in the past few months, non-other than her 2020 fling DaBaby.

The two connected on “Levi High” and went on to spend much of the early parts of the quarantine together. They would go on to make their relationship official much later in the year, this after DaBaby dillydallied between her and his baby mother MeMe. The rapper would also welcome a brand new baby girl in the year. However, it’s still unclear just how that affected his relationship with his “Yellow Bone” princess.

Sadly, the two called it quits following the release of Dani’s controversial track in which she explains that “Yellow bone that’s what he wants (What he wants, what he wants).” The singer faced severe backlash from fans who bashed her for what many considered were “colorist” statements. It’s no wonder she has since taken a break from social media to allow the dust to settle, but that has not stopped her from continuing to make headlines.

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Throughout the first verse of her “Yellow Bone” track, the Dominican singer also explained, “When he shoots, he don’t miss,” presumably also about DaBaby. Fans believe that her words have come to pass, and her followers could now be singing one of Wiz Khalifa’s biggest tracks, “Black And Yellow,” as a way to signify their first child together.

These assumptions were made earlier this year, but a recent video of her hanging out with Timbaland and other big wigs in the industry has reignited those pregnancy rumors. Throughout the short clip, Dani is seen sporting an oversized shirt, yet it’s not enough to hide what seems like her protruding midsection. Her comments about sampling food from every inch of the extra-long table have also led fans to assume that she must be eating for herself and a Lil DaBaby.

Neither Dani nor DaBaby have confirmed the arrival of a little one, so it’s still guesswork at this point. Nevertheless, this is one thing time will surely reveal.

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DaniLeigh Temporarily Delete Twitter & IG Over “Yellow Bone” Backlash

Rapper DaniLeigh has gone into hiding from social media after users on the popular platform Twitter dragged her for a song she released that, many say, furthers the colorism movement in the African American community.

DaniLeigh deactivated her Twitter account on Friday after thousands of people criticized her for her song “Yellow Bone,” which celebrates her being “light skinned” as something men prefer. Many reacted with dismay at the song, which not only fetishizes women of lighter skin but it also puts down dark-skinned black women as being undesirable and not beautiful.

Traditionally, being light-skinned is associated with the European standard of beauty that suggests that lighter skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes are the ideal mark of beauty, and anything darker is inferior. However, in recent times, movements like #BlackGirlMagic and the natural hair movement that targets women of African descent embracing and loving their natural beauty have rejected the European standard.

Others though, continue to promote the standard, including women who are light-skinned but still considered black. Twitter users also dragged DaniLeigh, who they say is an imposter- she claims to be black, but her parents are of white Dominican heritage- not black. In spite of this, DaniLeigh has used her claim to black identity to further her rap career- rap and hip hop music being originally created by and for people of African descent.

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Her latest song was the straw for many Twitter users who said the lyrics was meant to demean DaBaby’s baby mother, “so DaniLeigh made “yellow bone” to diss DaBaby’s dark skin bm and instead it got her European roots dragged up and down twitter? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” one Twitter user said.

In defense, DaniLeigh said, “why can’t I make a song for my light skin baddies? Why y’all think I’m hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all typees…why y’all so sensitive & take it personal …gahhhh damn,” she said.

However, by the end of the day, it was clear that the social media users had had enough of her. She had previously said nobody can cancel her. “Congratulations y’all gotta another thing to say about me when you hate… it’s all good.. only God can “acel” me bc the people around me are the ones that know my heart and intention and rea life… I’m sorry if I offended you.”

The rapper who has posted her Ancestry tests showed that her genetic makeup is only about 12% African while the remaining is Spanish European. She has insisted though, on many public forums that her ethnicity is black as well as her identity is black.

Dani Leigh lost me with that "Yellow Bone" song. Yall still makin songs that enforce colorism and fetishization of light skinned ppl in 2021? Being Light Skinned is NOT a personality trait, and sad to say, it's honestly all some of yall got, which is tragic. #DoBetter

— Missy was on the LIIIVE JaQuel!!?? (@Uri_Mercury) January 21, 2021

Dani Leigh really being forced on us while Sevyn Streeter, Justin Skye, & Teyana Taylor are overworking to he heard…… pic.twitter.com/jXR0wW11Av

— ?? (@EPierre_Libra93) January 21, 2021

Actual light skin Black girls are about to be getting dragged for the next 3-5 business days because of Dani leigh non singing ass. pic.twitter.com/oN1KUzLbkW

— _Kyanna_ (@Bronxdiva1) January 21, 2021

Nipsey Hussle – Ocean Views letras

[Hook 2x]
Ocean views, small circle it’s a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it’s true

[Verse 1]
Blessings, bitches in my section
Young with all this money, I’m obsessive, weapons
Turning off y’all extras
Turning off this bullshit direction
Turning off my grind
Waking up to mo’ pressure
But it’s all in yo’ mind, so I never feel pressured
Knew it’s all in due time, now hunnid stacking like Tetris
Hustle hard is my message, then double back and get extras
Know I spaz when I cash it
Yellow Bone, white Lexus, all black tint, two white cups, fat gold chains, pride, Texas
I’m just young and I’m reckless, I’m just on for my section
I’m just out here on top speed with my top down and I’m revin’
I don’t know about Hell, I don’t know about Heaven
All I know is ’bout right now and this lifestyle is interesting
Iced down in my section, I just write down these confessions
Niggas died to get life around me, I guess that I’m an exception
[Hook 2x]
Ocean views, small circle it’s a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it’s true

[Verse 2]
Look, I’m in these streets with my Cuban on
In my Benz with my music on
Old friends like what have you been on
Shit, I’ve been on my grind
I ain’t usually home, focused, I ain’t using phones
Lately I’ve been using song to get my point across
While niggas ’round me lose it all, but that’s your point to toss
I guess I always knew to ball
And as this world revolves I’m cracking ‘cuz I do my job
Look, from fucking hood rats to fucking stars
Spending all cash, to sliding cards, it’s the definition of living large
Smoking top flight in the biggest cars
Told you ’08 this shit was ours, getting this cake, yeah nigga then getting more
Look at this world young nigga, this really yours
Nigga this really mine, my niggas is really for it, them buildings is really high, them cars is really foreign and all I see is…

[Hook 2x]
Ocean views, small circle it’s a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it’s true

[Verse 3]
Yeah, early morning off that flight though
We gon’ go hard then get right, bro
It seemed simple, that’s not life though
10 years later I’m alright though
Look, these niggas act like they don’t like dough
They be mad cuz niggas shine bright though
Look, I got a Ruger and a Bryco
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I got my dough right, plus the right dough
I mean it’s legal, pay taxes to them white folks
My precedure, stay crackin ’till my life’s low
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Play a Stevie Wonder song, smoke some flight, bro
Crack a pint of Actavis then pour in some Sprite, bro
Until that day I’m walking toward what’s in my sights though
‘Cuz all I see is…

Ocean views, small circle it’s a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it’s true