The authorities will discuss reducing the time of flights to Sochi and Turkey

From the currently closed air zone in southern Russia, they plan to exclude a 10 km wide route, which will allow direct flights to Sochi. This can lead to a reduction in travel time

The authorities will discuss the possibility of civil aircraft using part of the airspace in the south of the country, which has been closed since February 24 due to the military operation in Ukraine. This was told to RBC by sources in five Russian airlines. This will reduce the flight time to Sochi Airport, which continues to operate, as well as to Turkish airports.

The issue will be discussed at an explanatory meeting with representatives of airlines on organizing flights from the central regions to the south of Russia, bypassing the airspace of Kazakhstan, which will be held by the State Air Traffic Management Corporation (SC ATM), two interlocutors of RBC said. It will take place on Monday, August 29th. RBC has a copy of the letter announcing the meeting in the ATM Civil Code, the authenticity of the document was confirmed by sources in the two airlines.

If the authorities allow the use of part of the airspace, the flight time from Vnukovo to Sochi will, in advance, be reduced by more than 20 minutes, back— 10 minutes, one of the sources predicts. This will be possible due to the removal of the 10 km wide route from FL330-530 (10.05 & 10.65 km) from the restriction mode. Flight time will also be reduced when flying from Moscow to Turkey, the second source adds, without specifying by how much. According to him, the airlines have just started navigational calculations.

The representative of the Federal Air Transport Agency declined to comment. RBC sent inquiries to the press services of the Ministry of Defense and the ATM Civil Code.

Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, aviation authorities have banned flights to 11 airports in southern Russia: Anapa, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol and Elista. Since then, the restriction has been extended, and today the airports remain closed.

Sochi Airport did not stop working, but the flight time to it has increased. If before the closure of the air zone, the travel time to it was about two and a half hours, now the flight will take at least four hours.

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