The British government urged citizens to fork out to receive Ukrainian refugees

At the same time, the authorities have not yet announced an increase in payments for “sponsors”

The UK authorities announced a “desperate” need for houses for Ukrainian refugees, urging compatriots to accept more people from Ukraine. This comes amid complaints from British hosts about the rising cost of living.

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Urging compatriots to take in more Ukrainian refugees, ministers from the UK government have not announced any additional financial support for UK hosts participating in the Homes for Ukraine program despite warnings that a cost-of-living crisis is keeping people from registering or continuing to participate. in this scheme.

According to The Guardian, according to the head of the relevant department, monthly payments to host Ukrainian refugees should be doubled to £ 700 to help them secure housing for more than six months due to rising costs.

Calling for more refugees, Refugee Secretary Lord Harrington said: “I call on all who have the opportunity to come forward and join with thousands of others to provide safe haven for people forced to leave their country.”

< p> This call coincided with a series of events in the UK dedicated to Ukraine's Independence Day. A number of British landmarks, including the London Eye, Blackpool Tower and Wembley Arch, were lit up in yellow-blakyth colors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “No matter how long it takes, the United Kingdom will support Ukraine and provide all kinds of military, economic and humanitarian support.”

Harrington has previously said that he has lobbied the ministry “very hard” funds to double the “thank you” funds, now £350 per month, to sponsors who host refugees for more than six months.

“Expenses … they can pay most of the rent themselves, mortgage payments have gone up and all that, and I think it makes perfect sense to me to increase the amount we pay them,” said Lord Harrington.

His call comes amid soaring UK living costs (electricity bills are expected to rise by 80% ahead of winter), soaring inflation and rising interest rates, The Guardian recalls.

Local councils have also warned that the number of homeless Ukrainians could rise if the initial six-month hosting of refugees ends without alternatives.

According to the latest government figures, more than 115,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the UK under visa schemes, including about 81,700 refugees under the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme.

Lord Harrington reported that about 4,000-5,000 Ukrainians arrive in the UK every week.

The Homes for Ukraine program currently provides guests with a £200 welcome fee and a £350 monthly “thank you” to British hosts for supporting refugees. Local councils also receive £10,500 through this scheme.

A poll by the Office for National Statistics this month found that a majority of British hosts said the rising cost of living made it difficult for them to support Ukrainian refugees. Nearly a quarter (23%) of donors who said they would only accept refugees for six months or less said their decision not to continue the scheme was because they could no longer afford it.

Slightly less than four in ten (38%) said they would be asked to stay as hosts longer if they were offered additional support.

The Sanctuary Foundation, a charity that helps hosts and refugees, is launching a campaign “ It's not too late to accept” which helps Ukrainians get to the UK to encourage more Brits to become sponsors.

Sanctuary Foundation director Dr. Krish Kandia says the need for hosts is “even more desperate” right now. He said: “Neighboring countries are struggling to cope. That is why we are calling on more Britons to welcome Ukrainians into their homes.”

Meanwhile, the British Red Cross has also called on the government to provide financial support to people who subscribe to the Ukrainian “family scheme”, in which British-Ukrainian residents support their families who have fled the country since the outbreak of the conflict in February. They are not currently receiving any government payments.

Richard Blewitt, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said: “We are calling on the UK government to increase its financial support given the magnitude of the economic crisis here in the UK and the cost crisis. life, especially for the owners. With Ukraine's family scheme, the government may have to shell out a little to help those families that host a lot of Ukrainians.”


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