The British harshly criticized Zelensky’s wife

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky's wife Olena, who previously spoke out harshly against British residents complaining about utility prices, was harshly criticized by readers of the Daily Mail.

Earlier, Zelenskaya said that the inhabitants of Ukraine count not only “a trifle in the account”, but also the dead soldiers. This is how she commented on the British complaints about electricity prices.

Readers of the publication did not like the words of the wife of the Ukrainian president. They reminded her of her expensive outfits and the support provided to the Kyiv authorities.

A Little Tiger reader wrote that the situation in Britain and Ukraine is different, but the inhabitants of the kingdom cannot forget about the problems that exist inside the country.


“She makes me sick,” theteller admitted, adding that Zelenskaya dresses in designer clothes with offshore accounts.

User jbz is unhappy that support for Kyiv now resembles brazen demands.< /p>

Agnes30 commented that the Ukrainian authorities just need as much money as possible, as well as weapons, which are then sold on the Web.

Heaton203 believes that it is necessary to stop providing assistance to Ukraine.

Gloria17 wrote that Zelensky – the same “clown as Boris Johnson.” In her opinion, such policies lead states to a bad outcome.

Caroline was surprised that Elena Zelenskaya did not even thank the British for their help.

Earlier, the leader of the Patriots movement; Florian Filippo announced his support for former French presidential candidate Segolene Royal after her criticism of Kyiv. On September 1, she said that the President of Ukraine “propagates war through fear”, avoiding peace talks and spreading fake news about the crimes of the Russian Armed Forces during a special military operation.

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