The CEC announced the preliminary results of the elections of the heads of Buryatia and the Tomsk region

Alexey Tsydenov and Vladimir Mazur (both from United Russia) are in the lead by a wide margin: the first, after counting more than 95% of the votes, is gaining 86.08%, the second – 84.53%

< img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="The CEC announced the preliminary results of the elections of the heads of Buryatia and the Tomsk region" />< /p> Head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov

The current head of Buryatia, Alexei Tsydenov, and the acting governor of the Tomsk region, Vladimir Mazur (both from United Russia), won more than 80% of the votes in the elections for the heads of regions, according to the CEC data.

In the elections for the head of Buryatia after counting 96.53% of the votes, Tsydenov wins, 86.08% of voters voted for him. He leads by a wide margin. The second place is taken by Viktor Malyshenko from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with 7.18% of the vote, followed by Sergey Dorosh from the Liberal Democratic Party and Semyon Matheev (they have 2.70% and 2.38% respectively).

In the Tomsk region, Mazur wins the election of the governor after counting 95.82% of the votes, he receives 84.53% of the votes and also leads by a wide margin. In second place— Galina Nemtseva from A Just Russia— For the truth” (6.10%), on the third— Andrei Petrov from the Communist Party (5.47%). Fourth place is taken by Viktor Grinev from the “Pensioners' Party”, he has 2.18%.

Last time, Tsydenov won the election of the head of Buryatia in September 2017, gaining 87.5% of the vote. Then the first direct elections of the head of the region after a 15-year break took place. Tsydenov's powers expired this year. In the spring, the republic’s People’s Khural lifted the restriction on being elected head of the region for more than two terms in a row.

Mazur, the former deputy head of the Kremlin’s Department for Domestic Policy, became acting governor of Tomsk in early May, after former head Sergei Zhvachkin announced about early resignation.

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