The expert called a dangerous clause in the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain

The Black Sea is full of drifting mines

The agreement on the creation of a grain corridor for the export of agricultural products from Ukraine through the Black Sea, which was signed on Friday in Istanbul, may be fraught with certain dangers. According to the MK expert, captain 1st rank of the reserve Vasily Dandykin, the statement that there are safe fairways in the Black Sea is doubtful and any of the ships with grain is not immune from being blown up by a drifting mine.


Recall that under the agreement on behalf of Russia, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu put his signature, on behalf of Turkey — head of the military department Hulusi Akar, from the UN — Secretary General of the organization António Guterres, from Kyiv the document was signed by Minister of Infrastructure Alexander Kubrakov.

The deal involves the export of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea from three ports (Odessa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhny), which may begin in a few weeks. The agreement will be valid for 120 days and may be extended. In addition, according to the agreement, the military will not escort ships, but Russia will have the right to inspect ships heading to Ukraine for weapons. The item on the work of the coordination center (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine) remains in force, which will resolve incidents, if any occur.

One of the main dubious points in the – it's the lack of prior port clearance work. According to the Ukrainian military, there are allegedly safe fairways in the Black Sea and agreed routes are safe.

According to the MK expert, captain 1st rank of the reserve Vasily Dandykin, the main danger for ships – these are Soviet-era drifting mines that Ukraine appropriated in large numbers after the collapse of the USSR.

– The Black Sea minefield is literally crammed with Soviet-era floating anchor mines. Some of them remained at anchor, and some of them, due to old age and dilapidation, broke off the anchors and went to sea. Already more than one person was blown up, and then the ships & hellip; Ukrainians should have a map of minefields and marked fairways. If they are such cool sailors and they have it all – OK. But dozens of ships are now blocked there in the ports referred to in the agreement. God forbid what will happen, because they will say that it was “Russian saboteurs who made their way from Snake Island and planted mines.” This question is very topical. And knowing Ukrainians, I can say that this is a very serious matter. I hope that Turkey, which is acting here as a mediator, the UN and curators will control this issue. I hope that the good deed that is being started will not serve as a reason for another provocation.

According to the expert, the Chernomorians already had experience in demining the Mariupol port:

– So that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet would not go, the Ukrainians simply took and mined everything. Mariupol was liberated from land, and the Black Sea sailors cleared the port for a long time. But there are already three ports. The Ukrainians got a lot of old mines when the fleet was divided. And now they have thrown them, and what will happen next does not bother them.…

It is possible to detect a drifting mine in the sea, the expert is sure, but not under all circumstances: “You can notice. But what if it's stormy? She can hang out at sea, and in order to notice the danger, you need to have some experience. I highly doubt the professionalism of the sailors of the Ukrainian Navy. After all, Ukraine no longer has a military fleet, minesweeping forces, too».


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