The expert explained the increase in the size of the army by 137 thousand

“This is not a mobilization, there is a different order of numbers”

The increase in the size of the Russian army will allow the formation of new military units in dangerous directions and the introduction of “nominal” military units formed in the regions into the state battalions and regiments. This is what military expert Alexei Sukonkin thinks.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Commenting on the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on increasing the staffing level of the Armed Forces on 137 thousand people, the expert recalled in his Telegram channel that the Russian Defense Ministry announced in March the formation of twelve new military units and formations in the Western Military District. They are designed to strengthen the grouping that opposes the expansion and strengthening of NATO.

In addition, Sukonkin suggests that the increase in the size of the Russian army can be done with a long-term aim. In his opinion, after holding referendums in the LPR and DPR on the future of the republics, units of the People's Militia – the 1st, 2nd and newly formed army corps – can be integrated into the structures of the Russian Armed Forces.

Under the same increase According to Sukonkin, the authorized strength of the army will go to the registered volunteer battalions, regiments and detachments formed in the regions.

As an example of such formations, the expert cited the Tiger volunteer detachment, created in the Primorsky Territory. “In its first battle, the volunteer detachment” Tiger ” from Primorye convincingly and mercilessly unwound a group of American mercenaries,” Sukonkin wrote.

Thus, according to him, an increase in the number of troops by 137,000 military men is "this is not mobilization". “After mobilization, the increase in the number of troops will not be by 137 thousand people, there is a completely different order of numbers,” he concluded.


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