The expert warned about the dangers of oil heaters in the apartment

Expert Maxim Sokolov warned about the danger of oil heaters in the apartment, RIA Novosti reports.

During a conversation with the agency correspondents, the specialist noted that the main danger lies in the thermostat, which is responsible for automatic shutdown of the device when the appropriate temperature is reached. If the sensor is faulty, the oil in the device will quickly overheat, as a result of which it may explode.

Sokolov emphasized that thermal sensors fail quite often. This breakdown is one of the three most common reasons for contacting a service center.

The expert also recalled that any electric heater creates an increased load on the power grid, for which wiring in old houses may not be designed. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to use tees and extension cords to connect several powerful devices to the outlet at once.

The specialist also pointed out the need to carefully read the instructions for heaters, which indicate the operating conditions and the allowable time of continuous operation of the device.


Earlier, security expert Sergei Pobedonostsev also warned about the dangers of heating apartments with gas stoves.

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