The governor announced “two strong gaps” in the Belgorod region

Gladkov said that he woke up from two “breaks” and promised to try to publish the full information in the morning. He noted that no one was hurt, there was no damage

Vyacheslav Gladkov

The Governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov reported “two strong gaps”, promising to provide full information in the morning. He wrote about it in Telegram.

“30 minutes ago I woke up from two strong breaks. According to the operational headquarters, there is no damage or destruction. There were no casualties. Footage of flashes in the sky has already appeared on social networks,— Belgorod governor wrote.

Community “Belgorod News” in "VKontakte" published a video, which, according to the author of the frames, was filmed in the east of the city. The video is a few seconds long and the sound of an explosion is heard.

Community «Belgorod— it's interesting” in "VKontakte" published three videos. The frames show two luminous balls that move along an ascending trajectory, then they disappear.

In the middle of last week, on April 27, Gladkov also reported at night that he woke up “from a loud sound like an explosion.” He added that later there were three more explosions. “So far, not a single duty service of the city and the region has found the cause of this sound. The search continues, I will report the results immediately, — the governor added.

A day later, on April 28, the press service of the government of the Belgorod region reported that the air defense had worked. Local residents posted footage of flashes in the sky on social networks.

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