The identities of the main organizers of the putsch in Kazakhstan are revealed

“Terrorists could come to Almaty only from the foothills, which were guarded by the KNB troops” from a single center. However, he did not explain who exactly and why sent the militants. The head of the Eurasian Expert Council Chingiz Lepsibaev helped clarify the situation for MK.

Photo: AP

– The special services are dealing with the issue of the terrorist threat in Kazakhstan, therefore, there is no information on this matter in the public domain. So far it is known that the so-called “bearded men” were trained by people in the Kazakhstani special services. It is absolutely certain that the camps were located in the mountains of the Alma-Ata region. There is a very large foothill, which is guarded by troops that are part of the KNB (National Security Committee. – “MK” ). Accordingly, if we assume that terrorists attacked Alma-Ata, then they could only attack from there. There is simply no other place where they could come from.

– Presumably out of 20 thousand militants. Perhaps fear has big eyes, and there were about 5 thousand militants in the whole of Kazakhstan. Still, 20 thousand people could completely destroy the city, and there would be nowhere to hide them. But even 5 thousand people are enough to create a rustle, especially since the airport and other strategic facilities were handed over to them without a fight.

– Yes, while high-ranking people only know about him. But they probably took more people, they just don't want to show the rest yet. Massimov was in power for 30 years and managed to acquire significant connections and clientele. If we imagine that all those dismissed over the past few days will be detained, then we have a very impressive list, which includes the ex-head of government, deputy ministers, and so on. Plus, a series of suicides among the security forces swept across the country.

– They said different things, while there is no court verdict, I would not want to go into details. For example, some said that he stole a lot of money, while others considered him a good organizer. He sat in power for 30 years and managed to do a lot, let's see what happens to him now. But the vast majority of people are happy about the personnel reshuffle in Kazakhstan. They expect that the system in which the minority gets the best out of life, and the vast majority of citizens remain cut off from normal incomes and social lifts, is a thing of the past.

– There is conflicting information on them. At first, they said that they were detained and almost deported from the UAE. Then they said that Abish continues to work for the KNB. It is too early to draw any conclusions about them, everything will become clear in the coming days.

I think that the information is not allowed through for the reason that the authorities consider it wrong to follow the logic of Eastern despotism, when it is necessary to scold everything that happened before you. It is more correct to let go of the past with dignity and ensure civilized transit.

– They have no reputation, because both are connected with the special services, and the media have never talked about them. But it is known that both are very rich, therefore they were suspected of corruption. As for the connection with the Islamists, there are also rumors about this, but I will refrain from commenting until it becomes known about their further fate.

– So he does not appear now. We have stories of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who claims to have talked to Nazarbayev on the phone. But whether he told the truth, we do not know. And there is a statement by Nazarbayev's press secretary, to whom the same attitude.

In general, two opinions dominate in society. Some believe that Nazarbayev has already died, which led to riots in Alma-Ata. Others believe that Nazarbayev is still alive, but not the same.

– The problem is that, in any case, the people who caused the riots worked under Nazarbayev's command. In addition, a lot of people appeared in Kazakhstan who, a few days ago, praised the first president, and now changed their shoes in the air and began to disown him.

– The capital … Intelligent people now try not to name it in any way .

– No, this is completely out of the question. Legally, he is now a pensioner. If anyone tries to change this, many people will rebel again. The trigger for the January protests was precisely the fact that people got sick of the system of power formed under him.

– No, he is talking about terrorists. When ordinary people came out to rally, no one fought with them. So far I have not heard of any reprisals against peaceful protesters, but we are now in a lull due to the restriction of the Internet. It is not known what happened during these few days.


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