The lawyer listed unexpected situations when they can deprive child benefits

The allowance for a child from three to seven years old can be lost if the financial situation of the family has improved. About this in an interview with the agency «Prime» said Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya.

As the specialist explained,  sometimes it is enough for parents to buy a second apartment on a mortgage in order to lose the right to payments. So, if the area of ​​two apartments exceeds 24 square meters per person, then the allowance will no longer be paid.

“In the case of buying a house, the right to allowance disappears if the area per person exceeds 40 square meters,” – the expert warned.

The same applies to the purchase of a second car for the family. At the same time, as Lebedinskaya noted, to calculate the need, information on all incomes for the year that ended four months before the application will be used, and property will be taken into account at the time the family applies for payment.

Previously, the children's ombudsman in Tatarstan, Irina Volynets called for an increase in the childcare allowance to the full size of the parent's salary, as well as to extend the period of its accrual until the child reaches the age of three.

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