The Ministry of Justice added Latynina, Eidelman and Michael Nucky to the register of foreign agents

The register of media-foreign agents has been supplemented by historian Valery Soloviev, activist Elena Shukaeva, journalist Andrey Afanasiev, and legal entity Mitya Aleshkovsky< source srcset=" 320w" media="(max-width: 320px)" >

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Yulia Latynina

The Ministry of Justice of Russia entered into the register of individuals— foreign agents journalists Yulia Latynina and Michael Nucky, as well as historian Tamara Eidelman.

In addition, historian Valery Solovey, activist Yelena Shukayeva, and journalist Andrey Afanasyev are included in the list of media-foreign agents. it was founded by Mitya Aleshkovsky (son of Tamara Eidelman), previously included in the register of foreign media agents. According to the law, persons included in the register are required to open an LLC in their own name for reporting to the Ministry of Justice.

«Time of Bells»— a song by the Soviet rock musician Alexander Bashlachev.

“For me, this [Ministry of Justice] decision was expected, the only question was when I would get on this list. I will continue to do what I did before, only I will give a banner that I am recognized as a foreign agent, — Valery Solovey told RBC.

He stated that he “completely does not understand the reasons” decisions of the Ministry of Justice. Nightingale intends to contact his lawyers. “I’ll think about it, I’ll consult, maybe I’ll start the process,” — he concluded.

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Michael Nucky declined to comment. RBC turned to Tamara Eidelman, Yulia Latynina, Mitya Aleshkovsky and Elena Shukaeva for comment.

At the end of May, the Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested the ex-journalist of Ekho Moskvy in absentia. Michael Nucky, against whom a criminal case was opened for discrediting the army. For the journalist, they chose a measure of restraint in the form of arrest for two months from the moment of detention or extradition to Russia. Since the summer of 2021, he has been in Georgia and has been collaborating with the team of Alexei Navalny.

Tamara Eidelman taught history at school No. 67, is an honored teacher of Russia. She hosted thematic programs “Books of our childhood”, “Subjunctive mood”; and “The Fates of the Books” at the radio stations “Mayak”, “Voice of Russia” and «Radio of Russia— Culture". In 2019, Eidelman created her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos on historical topics. She is also a teacher at the online school of the Direct Speech project.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Eidelman condemned Russia's actions and left the country.

Yulia Latynina— journalist, columnist and blogger, published for a long time in Novaya Gazeta. She also opposed the military operation in Ukraine.

Elena Shukaeva— freelance journalist from Yekaterinburg, freelance writer for Novaya Gazeta; (her last note was published there in March, now the publication is actually not working). Also, its texts were published on the website of the Yekaterinburg “Memorial” (the company is recognized in Russia as an NPO-foreign agent and liquidated). Andrey Afanasiev— journalist collaborating with Radio Liberty (recognized as a foreign media agent).

Earlier, on September 2, the Ministry of Justice entered actor and TV presenter Mikhail Shats, politician Yulia Galyamina, blogger Kirill Fedorov, journalist and political scientist Sergei Medvedev, editor-in-chief of the publication Novaya Gazeta. Europe» Kirill Martynov, journalist Sergei Loiko.

At the same time, the department expanded the register of individuals-foreign agents, adding to it the leader of the Time Machine group, People's Artist of Russia Andrei Makarevich, political scientist Fyodor Krasheninnikov, journalist Katerina Gordeeva, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon and others.

In mid-July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which a person who received “support from abroad” is considered a foreign agent. or being “under foreign influence”; and engaged in political activities in Russia, targeted collection of data in the field of military and military-technical activities of Russia or dissemination of messages and materials for an unlimited number of people.

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