The nutritionist called the products that provoke migraines

Cheese, chocolate, smoked fish, fried and salty foods can cause migraines. About this “Moscow 24” said nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg.

The expert noted that the causes of migraine are not fully understood. There is an assumption that an overabundance of bioactive components, in particular tyramine, which is found in a number of products, can lead to vasospasm.

Ginsburg said that migraine has its own “triggers”. At the same time, for all people, these may be different foods that should be avoided.

The specialist recommended following a dairy-vegetarian diet, eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You should use less salt, sugar and spices. It is important to give up alcohol.

The nutritionist added that food in solving the problem of migraine – it's not the deciding factor. People who suffer from it should see a neurologist and start taking medication.

Earlier, neurologist Pavel Khoroshev said that people who suffer from migraine should limit the use of certain foods that provoke headaches.< /p> Rate the material


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