The parliament of the Gagauz autonomy of Moldova allowed the St. George ribbon

The issue of banning the St. George ribbon in Moldova is politicized, the authors of the bill adopted by the Parliament of Gagauzia said. Previously, the republic banned the use and wearing of the St. George ribbon and the symbols Z and V ” alt=”The parliament of the Gagauz autonomy of Moldova allowed the St. George ribbon” />

The People's Assembly of Gagauzia (PNG) approved a bill allowing the use of the St. George ribbon in the territory of the autonomy despite the ban of the Moldovan authorities, NewsMaker reported.

< p> The bill says that on the territory of Gagauzia “it is allowed to freely manufacture, store and wear the symbols of the Great Victory of May 9, 1945— St. George ribbons, red flags of Victory».

Now it must be approved by the bashkan (head) of the autonomy Irina Vlakh.

The author of the bill— MP of the NSG from the faction “Voice of Gagauzia” Sergey Chimpoesh. According to him, the issue of banning the St. George ribbon in Moldova is politicized, he “brought a split into society.” “Our colleagues in the [Moldovan] parliament made a very serious ideological mistake. They dropped their authority and rallied their political opponents. You can’t encroach on memory, it can’t be bought and sold,” — said Chimpoesh.

Gagauzia— autonomy within Moldova. She has her own constitution— Charter, President— bashkan, legislature— The People's Assembly and the Capital— Comrat. Unlike the rest of Moldova, where one state language is established, there are three of them: Gagauz, Moldavian and Russian. In 2019, Vlah, who is a supporter of the rapprochement of autonomy with Russia, was re-elected president in Gagauzia.

The Parliament of Moldova approved a ban on wearing the St. George ribbon, as well as the demonstration of the symbols Z and V on April 14, later the law was signed by President Maia Sandu. For violating the ban, citizens face a fine of 4.5 thousand to 9 thousand lei (from 17.5 thousand to 35 thousand rubles at the exchange rate on April 29) or 30-60 hours of community service. For legal entities, the fine will be higher— from 9 thousand to 18 thousand lei (up to 70 thousand rubles).

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As Sandu stated, the symbols “change their meaning depending on the context, on reality.” "Speculation on the Victory of 1945 to promote military aggression against Ukraine— an insult to the memory of our parents, grandparents, who gave their lives for us to live in peace. Preserving this world was our duty,»— she said. The President added that “people will still be able to honor the memory of the heroes who fought in World War II”, the celebration of May 9 in Moldova is not prohibited.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, commenting on the ban on the St. George ribbon, said that the actions Moldova does not correspond to its statements of commitment to a neutral status and partnership with Russia. The Moldavian Foreign Ministry asked Moscow to “refrain from interfering in internal and democratic processes.” in the country.

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