The Pentagon showed the M113 armored personnel carriers transferred to Ukraine

The M113 armored personnel carrier was developed in 1959 and is still in service with many countries of the world. In total, up to 200 such vehicles are planned to be delivered to Ukraine

The Pentagon has distributed video footage with M113 armored personnel carriers, which the US military is preparing to hand over to Ukrainian troops. The current assistance package for Ukraine includes 200 such vehicles, which have been in service with the United States and its allies since the 1960s.

“US Army personnel place M113 armored personnel carriers on motor vehicles”,— it says in the video description. The video was filmed at an army base in the state of Georgia.

M113 armored personnel carrier— developed in the USA in 1959, put into mass production in 1960 and produced until 2007. In total, more than 80 thousand cars of this class were produced.

Earlier, the US military department also announced the dispatch of M777 howitzers to Ukraine. According to a Pentagon spokesman, as of April 29, about 60% of the 90 howitzers planned for delivery were already in Ukraine along with 155-mm shells.

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