The political scientist suggested what Ulyukaev would do after his release

It was decided to release the ex-minister on parole

Former Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukaev will be able to find a place in business after leaving the colony. This point of view was expressed by the head of the Political Expert Group Konstantin Kalachev.

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

The political scientist suggested that after the release the ex-official is unlikely to be able to return to politics or civil service. Most likely, he will go into business, but in this decision, the expert believes, a certain message can be read.

“As you understand, all this will not be easy for him now. His departure to any business can be perceived as a kind of demonstration,” Kalachev said.

In addition to business, Ulyukaev could also act as a negotiator, since the former minister, according to the political scientist, has a certain ” reputation» in the West. In addition, he stressed, he has many connections both within the country and abroad.

“If any intermediary activity is needed, including in the interaction of large Russian business companies with Western structures authorities or even in the relationship between the power structures of both sides, in principle, he could be useful in this,” Kalachev suggested.

Also, the interlocutor of noted that, in his opinion, Ulyukaev is unlikely to leave Russia after his release.

Ulyukaev was detained in 2016 on charges of taking a bribe, in 2017 he was sentenced to eight years in a strict regime colony. The former official pleaded not guilty.

Earlier it became known that the Moscow District Court in Tver granted the ex-minister's request for parole. If no one appeals this verdict, Ulyukaev will be released on May 12.


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