The RF Armed Forces began to destroy the firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at Azovstal

The armed forces of the Russian Federation and the army of the Donetsk People's Republic began to destroy the firing positions of the militants of the Azov National Battalion* on the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. This was stated by the representative of the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense Vadim Astafiev.

According to him, Ukrainian servicemen used the silence mode to leave the basements and take up firing positions on the territory and in the buildings of the plant. Aviation and artillery were used to destroy them.

Astafyev explained that the ceasefire was declared at the moment when it was necessary to evacuate civilians from the territory of the Mariupol plant. 


Earlier it was reported that from the territory of the plant “Azovstal” in Mariupol, 80 civilians, including women and children, were evacuated. As the Ministry of Defense explained, a humanitarian corridor was opened for this and a silence regime was established.

*The organization is banned in Russia


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