The specialist explained how to behave when meeting with huge jellyfish

Cornerot jellyfish do not pose a significant danger to people, but you should not touch them and swim nearby. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the leading researcher of the Institute of Oceanology. P.P. Shirshov RAS to Tina Molodtsova.

According to her, these jellyfish live in the Black, Azov, Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. “Umbrella” Cornerot can reach 35-40 centimeters in diameter. Sometimes they even reach human size.

The poison of such jellyfish does not pose a mortal danger to humans, but contact can lead to severe burning, irritation, and dermatitis. The reaction in children is usually stronger than in adults.

The specialist noted that if contact did occur, you need to rinse the burn with sea water. It is impossible to comb the place of the affected area. You can also apply a piece of ice for 5-15 minutes. If the reaction does not go away, you should contact the doctors.

Earlier, the expert said that August is the season of jellyfish in the Black Sea. They actively breed throughout the summer, and by the end of it there are a lot of them.

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