The United States began to supply more weapons to Ukraine by sea

The Washington Post: U.S. increased arms shipments to Ukraine by sea Ukraine by sea, writes The Washington Post.

The United States increased shipments by sea in the spring, after it began providing Kyiv with howitzers and other heavy weapons. Although it is faster to deliver cargo by air, sea transport allows the transport of large volumes, and the use of heavy weapons by the Ukrainian military requires a constant supply of ammunition.

“As soon as we started supplying them with howitzers, we realized that more ammo,— said the deputy head of the US Transportation Command, Colonel Stephen Patthoff. “We were able to start using more shipping to provide this support, and sometimes even deliver before they were requested,” — he added.

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On August 23, Reuters reported that the United States is preparing for the Independence Day of Ukraine, which Ukraine celebrates on August 24, the largest package of military aid— in the amount of about $3 billion. AP noted that while previous arms transfers were aimed at meeting the urgent military needs of Kyiv, now the aid will go to fund contracts for drones and other weapons that will strengthen Ukrainian defenses in the medium and long term.

The next day, President Joe Biden announced that Kyiv would receive military assistance worth $3 billion. The United States will start supplying weapons to Ukraine as part of a new package in the next few months, the Pentagon said.

According to Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, the transfer of $3 billion worth of weapons to Kyiv will not change the situation much. “The special military operation is going according to plan. All the goals of the NWO will be achieved,»— he claims. At the same time, the diplomat acknowledged that the situation is becoming more complicated due to the supply of American multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine, which can reach areas previously inaccessible to the Ukrainian military.

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