The United States refused to request the extradition of a Russian DJ from Germany

The US Department of Justice withdrew the request for extradition from Germany of Russian DJ Kaznacheev Musician Denis Kaznacheev, detained in Germany, was accused of cyber fraud and money laundering of $ 310 million. The Berlin Court of Appeal agreed to extradition, but as a result, the US Department of Justice withdrew its demand

Denis Kaznacheev

The US Department of Justice dropped all charges against Russian musician Denis Kaznacheev, who lives in Berlin, and withdrew the request for his extradition on suspicion of money laundering of $ 310 million, DJ's manager Denise Gluk said on his Facebook page.

“ Later a year and a half of fighting for justice, the United States dropped all charges against Denis and withdrew the extradition request! '' & mdash; wrote Gluk.

Vice-President of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights Ivan Melnikov confirmed to RBC the information about the withdrawal of the request by the US Department of Justice.

“ Today, the defense received a notification from the prosecutor in charge of the extradition case, Denis Kaznacheev, that the US Department of Justice had sent a formal notice of refusal to extradite Kaznacheev to the United States. This is a logical, in my opinion, chain, because all the accusations against Denis looked, to put it mildly, far-fetched, given that they tried to incriminate him, a simple musician who does not have any special financial or technical education, of involvement in multi-million dollar embezzlement, to multimillion-dollar illegal financial transactions & raquo;, & mdash; told Melnikov.

He noted that Kaznacheev & mdash; 'a simple musician who lives in a small rented apartment' on the outskirts of Berlin. Melnikov believes that his release “ became possible thanks to the attention of Russian and foreign media, support from friends and fans of Denis, the coordinated work of human rights defenders and lawyers, as well as support from the Russian Foreign Ministry. ''

RBC turned to Denis Kaznacheev and Deniz Gluk for a comment, and also sent inquiries to the US Department of Justice and the Russian Embassy in Germany.

Kaznacheev was arrested by the German police at the request of the United States in June 2020. His friends believed that the criminals could impersonate Kaznacheev. They created a donation page on the Internet to help pay Kaznacheev's legal fees and rent his apartment, since without an address he could not ask for bail. The money was also needed to pay the costs of living in the prison.

On November 22, 2021, the Berlin Court of Appeals ordered the extradition of the Treasuryev to the United States. The decision was made in absentia, Kaznacheev himself was not warned about the meeting. At the same time, the court decided that extradition could be made only on the condition that the United States, without the consent of the FRG, would not bring charges other than those contained in the extradition request and indictment, and the nature of Kaznacheev's detention in custody would not change for the worse.

The Russian Foreign Ministry protested against this decision. “ We declare a strong protest against the possible extradition of a Russian citizen to the United States by the FRG authorities, '' & mdash; said ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova after the court ruling. According to her, Russia has never, in principle, “ recognized, does not recognize and does not recognize in the future the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the American judicial authorities and the judicial authorities of any other states. ''


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