The United States urged its citizens not to participate in hostilities in Ukraine

US citizens should refrain from traveling to Ukraine and not participate in hostilities in the country. This was stated at a briefing by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“We know that people want to help, but we encourage Americans to find other ways to do it, instead of traveling to Ukraine and fighting there. This is a war zone, & mdash; said Psaki, answering a question about US citizen Willie Joseph Kansel, who died in Ukraine.

“We don't have official confirmation, although we've seen reports, but there hasn't been an official [confirmation] process through government channels, so I can't talk about any further details about it beyond that,” — said Psaki, expressing condolences to the parents of the deceased.

The death of a US citizen was reported by CNN, citing the mother of the deceased. According to her, the son flew to Poland on March 12, and then crossed the border into Ukraine and enlisted in the “foreign battalion.” Going to Ukraine was Cancel's own desire, his mother notes. The body of the deceased has not yet been found. The circumstances of his death were not disclosed.

The US State Department said it was checking this information and declined to comment further “for privacy reasons.” The department called on its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine and not to take part in hostilities.

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Earlier, it became known about the death of a British citizen in Ukraine. His death was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. The department also reported another citizen missing. The department declined to say what exactly the British citizens were doing in Ukraine and under what circumstances one of them died. According to the channel, the deceased was called Scott Sibley, he was 36 years old. He is a veteran of the British Armed Forces.

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