They spend the night in the car, suffer mockery. What do the Russians who have left face?

Plot Partial mobilization in Russia

In order to leave for neighboring countries, Russians have to stand in traffic jams at the border for several days. But the ordeal of migrants does not end there. People cannot rent a house due to high demand, they spend the night in cars and face mockery from local residents who are forced to respond to the camera than Crimea. has collected stories about how people fleeing partial mobilization are met in Kazakhstan. 

Boycott for helping the Russians

The director of a cinema in Kazakhstan's Uralsk invited the Russians, who they can't find accommodation.

“We vacated one hall, organized tea, volunteers brought hot meals. So we gathered about four halls, and this is about 200 people”, — said the director of the local cinema Dilara Mukhambetova.

However, in response to such a humane gesture, the woman received a wave of hatred from the citizens of Kazakhstan. 

«Boycott to this cinema», «Why pity them? These fascists and invaders. Let them go to their Raska”, “We need to attract this cinema park for collaborationism”, “Why don't you open the doors to our citizens who have nowhere to live?” — commentators were indignant. 

Taunting the camera

In Kazakhstan, Russians who have arrived are still being bombarded with questions about "whose Crimea" and being called deserters. Provocateurs post videos on social networks. 

For example, a company of Russian people was attacked in a Kazakh store. The author of the video mockingly forces to answer the question about the status of the peninsula and insults the Russians in every possible way, saying that they will soon come for them. 

«Whose Crimea?» — another resident of Kazakhstan asks the two men on camera. “Whose Crimea, trees? And Lugansk, Donetsk? — the master of the situation is not appeased. 

A chicken coop at the price of a palace 

Since the announcement of the beginning of partial mobilization in large cities of neighboring countries, the demand for housing has increased dramatically. 

People are forced to spend the night in cars . For example, Sergei (name changed) went to Georgia with a 6-year-old child. Due to high demand and inflated prices, the family continues to live in the car.

In Kazakhstan, not only hotels and apartments are rented at a triple price, but even the most unattractive options.

For example, a kopeck piece in Almaty costs about 80 thousand Russian rubles, a three-ruble note — 120 thousand. Even on the outskirts of Uralsk, odnushki are offered for 24 thousand rubles. Prices for two-room apartments — 50 thousand rubles, and the so-called elite housing — up to 73 thousand rubles per month. 

Residents of Kazakhstan, who are used to renting housing, complain about a sharp rise in prices — they are afraid that they will also remain on the street.

Flash mob in TikTok

TikTok users from Kazakhstan launched a flash mob dedicated to Russians coming to the country. In ironic videos to the sound of “Remember” they recalled the “Slavs only” label that accompanied the announcements of renting an apartment, as well as how they themselves were discriminated against on the basis of nationality.

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