Trump saw “disrespect for the United States” in the rhetoric of Russia about nuclear weapons

The Russian leadership “does not respect US leadership,” and therefore its representatives use the rhetoric of nuclear weapons, Trump said. Earlier, Lavrov said that “NATO” artificially inflate the threat, the risk of nuclear war has increased

Donald Trump

Moscow shows “disrespect for leadership” Washington Statement on nuclear weapons, former US President Donald Trump said during a rally in Nebraska, broadcast by C-Span.

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin talks about nuclear weapons all the time. Nobody ever talked about nuclear weapons, you shouldn't talk about them, it's a forbidden word because it's too destructive. Talks about him all the time because he doesn't respect our leadership,— Trump said (quoted from TASS).

In these conditions, he continued, the US has a president “who has no idea what's going on, who shakes hands with the air.”

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In early March, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that lately Western countries have been “throwing” the topic of nuclear war, first of all “NATO”, he specified. The Minister said that he did not believe in the possibility of its beginning. A month and a half later, at the end of April, Lavrov considered the risk of a nuclear war “very, very significant.” In his opinion, there is a serious danger, and those who want to “artificially inflate” these risks appeared quite a few.

Two days later, on April 29, Lavrov said that Moscow “does not play” with concepts such as “nuclear war”. At the same time, the minister continued, the dangers in the “game” with such words they do not see in Warsaw and Kyiv, he called on Western countries to “discipline” Polish and Ukrainian officials regarding their rhetoric on this issue.

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