Ukrainian authorities announced the arrest of 51 Belarusian tanks with diesel fuel

Now they are planned to be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Investigators of the Territorial Administration of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine arrested 51 tank cars belonging to Belarus, according to the agency's website.

According to its data , wagons with 3 thousand tons of Belarusian and Russian diesel fuel crossed the Ukrainian border on February 23. The State Bureau of Investigation suggests that the products “were intended for oil companies within the sphere of influence” arrested opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Chernihiv region, the State Bureau of Investigation applied to the court to arrest the tanks, and now the department “is taking measures to transfer the seized assets to the Agency for Tracing and Asset Management, and in further— Armed Forces of Ukraine. As noted in the statement, several tanks were damaged during the hostilities, but after repair they will also go “for the needs of the state.”

February 24, Russia has been conducting a special military an operation whose goals President Vladimir Putin called the protection of the population of Donbass, as well as “demilitarization and denazification”; neighboring state. Ukraine has introduced martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Russia.

The parties held several rounds of negotiations after the outbreak of hostilities. After the last face-to-face meeting of delegations in Istanbul on March 29, the Russian side promised to reduce military activity in the Kiev and Chernigov direction. On March 30, the Ministry of Defense announced that the armed forces had completed all the main tasks in these areas as part of a special operation and began a planned regrouping of troops.

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