Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded to Turkish fans chanting after Putin

The reaction of Fenerbahce fans was called “disgusting cynicism”

The return match of the 2nd round of the Champions League qualifier, in which Fenerbahce hosted Dynamo Kiev, was marked by a remarkable event. After Fener defender Salai headed the ball into the guests' goal, the fans of the Istanbul team in unison got up from their seats and sang … an ode in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Kiev head coach Mircea Lucescu was so enraged by “political immaturity” popular masses that defiantly refused to participate in the post-match press conference. In order to avoid UEFA sanctions imposed for such a demarche, Mircea nevertheless condescended subsequently to a brief conversation with a group of Ukrainian sports journalists. To which he frankly admitted: they say, he did not expect such an “anti-Ukrainian trick”; from the Turks. Recall: at one time Lucescu successfully coached the main team of their country, Galatasaray, so successfully that young representatives of the sports society of the same name became the first Turkish team to win the UEFA Cup in the 1999-2000 season. Moreover, “Galatasaray” During the entire tournament, he did not suffer a single defeat. On top of this, the club from Istanbul, having received the right to fight for the UEFA Super Cup 2000 with Real Madrid, took over the famous “Royal Club”. Fenerbahce» in Ukraine itself. Almost all online media, not only purely sports, called what happened at the 25,000-seat stadium “disgusting cynicism”; and “dirty provocation”.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko drew the attention of the audience to the behavior of a small “support group” Ukrainian team. They say, while “Fenerbahce” fans chanted the name of the President of Russia, fans of Dynamo Kyiv glorified the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since the Ukrainians in overtime still “put the squeeze” on hosts  the Ukrainian diplomat wished “Turkish fans to be on the side of the winners.”

Social network users did not linger with biting comments. 

«Ukraine – winners?! – Alex Chum asked not without irony. – You are a country that is definitely losing in political development.

Hungarian user Gabor Pataky was even more categorical: “Most likely, you will not be the winners. I hope that soon all of you will disappear from the political map of the world.”

Readers of the “MK” probably guessed the reason for including a resident of the city of Nodière in the discussion. Just in case, I’ll give you a hint: that miracle goal, after which the Istanbul stadium sang a toast to Vladimir Putin, was scored by 24-year-old Attila Salai, a rising star of the Hungarian football team. To some extent, this is also symbolic, given the well-known independence of official Budapest in assessing the Special Military Operation of the Russian army in Ukraine.

Fans of Fenerbahce teased Ukrainian football players with Putin during the match: video

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