Vucic called the conflict in Ukraine “not regional, but global”

The President of Serbia said that everyone avoids these words, but the situation in Ukraine is a “world economic and political conflict.” It is because of him, according to Vučić, that prices are rising in Serbia ” alt=” Vučić called the conflict in Ukraine “not regional, but global” />

Alexander Vucic

What is happening in Ukraine— not a regional, but a “global economic and political conflict,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, RTV reports.

The inhabitants of the country have not yet fully understood what is happening in Europe and why, for example, goods in Serbia rise in price, he said. According to the President, everyone avoids the words about the “world conflict”, and no one tells citizens the truth about the causes of inflation.

The head of state assured that the authorities are doing everything possible to make the residents feel the consequences of the conflict as little as possible, including controlling fuel prices.

“This is all imported inflation, because the prices for steel, gas , oil, fertilizers are growing. This permeates [prices] for all agricultural products,” — Vucic explained. He asked the population to “understand and see how much the state does every day to maintain the standard of living.”

The President said he would issue a more detailed statement on sanctions against Russia on May 6. He emphasized that in international politics there is no concept of “friendship”, there are only the own interests of countries. “I will make decisions in the interests of Serbia, not East or West,” — Vucic promised.

On February 25, the day after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Vucic said that the imposition of sanctions against Russia was not in Serbia's interests. He later spoke of the high price Belgrade pays for refusing to impose sanctions.

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On March 13, the president said that the events in Ukraine were the most difficult conflict for Europe and the world after World War II. He said that the economic situation in Serbia is deteriorating every day, and admitted that he was in despair.

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