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Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 37. With all the consequences. What is pouring from the tap 09/14/2022

In August, as part of the special project "I Can", created with the support of a grant from the Department of Labor and Social Protection of Moscow, in order for our wards to share their inspiring stories, we shot videos with  Milana Tarasenko from Borovsk.


This year, Milana went to school, although five years ago, doctors said that she would not be able to breathe without a ventilator! Milana fell out of the window and was immobilized. First, you helped the girl go through rehabilitation, and then you bought a stander, which she uses every day. Thanks to her and her mother's perseverance, Milana has developed her hands so much that she turns the wheels of the stroller herself, writes legibly letters in a notebook and deftly copes not only with a mobile phone, but also with a diving mask. Especially for her the school installed a ramp. And our partner, the Skazka amusement park, invited the girl and her whole family to to visit the attractions. And Milana even rode the Ferris wheel without fear! Another victory behind. It is very important that it does not remain behind the scenes.

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AIF. Good Heart” helps children and adults with severe and rare diseases. We provide medical, legal and psychological support to wards from the most remote regions. By supporting the foundation, you help not only them, but also their families!

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