What is the first UAV 400T drone with a domestic thermal imager created in Russia?

The drone combat competition continues. In & nbsp; Russia, the first UAV with a domestic thermal imager, called UAV 400T, has been created. It is already supplied to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for reconnaissance and adjustment of the work of artillery on the territory of Ukraine. Such a device allows you to aim at a target by the heat it radiates.

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UAV 400T: OKB Astron JSC

In fact, the drone is a flying thermal imager. Its main goal — reconnaissance and indication of targets for artillery work. This is a camera, but seeing in infrared. Such a device sees the temperature distribution in the area under study. For example, if you look at  any room using such a device, different areas of it will have different colors due to different surface temperatures. Living objects, such as a person and a cat, will stand out with red spots, as they generate a lot of heat. The advantage of this method is that it allows you to view masked objects. You can use the thermal imager and on hunting.

Of course, high resolution devices are needed for military purposes. Their price in recently has decreased significantly, which allows you not to regret lost copies. Modern thermal imagers are even protected from moisture ingress, and withstand dynamic overloads.

According to the customer, the drone is supplied in series, and a thousand copies will be created by the end of the year. Moreover, the capacity of the enterprise allows to make 5 thousand such copters every year. Which, of course, can be in great demand in the conditions of the emergence of means to combat them.

The drone can stay in the air for 45 minutes, climb to an altitude of three kilometers and detect a live target at a distance of 400 meters (probably, hence the numbers in the name), it already notices large vehicles at a distance of a kilometer. In fact, this is quite a bit, and at                  difficult to spot and try to shoot down. However, for close artillery combat, such characteristics should be enough, and the low cost of drones allows you not to worry about downed vehicles. In fact, these are consumables. Even if the enemy finds and disassembles in parts it will not receive any new information.

However, low characteristics are more than compensated by the size of  — only 1.2 & nbsp; kilograms. It is easy to carry such a crumb with you, and even a whole set of drones will not become an unbearable burden.

The developer, however, claims serious protection of the drone — secure communication channels counteract the possibility of hacking and interception. It will not even be possible to understand from what point it is launched. It is emphasized that television modules and detectors are of strictly domestic origin.

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