What kind of chemical intelligence vehicles RHM-9 will the Russian army receive?

The radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicles (РХМ-9) introduced a year ago have been adopted by the Russian army. They are made on the basis of the Typhoon-K armored car. Serial deliveries for the troops will begin this year, but the number of copies is not reported. jpg” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicle RHM-9 at the Army-2022 forum. Photo: AiF/Sergey Osipov


The car will have a new set of instruments. Therefore, according to the developers, it will conduct reconnaissance twice as fast and at a greater distance relative to its predecessor РХМ-6.

We emphasize that at the moment it is the biological hazard that comes to the fore. Chemical gas poisoning is quite simple and a thing of the past. Nuclear weapons are also doubtful, since everyone understands how much damage they will cause to the whole world. But biological weapons — the matter is more subtle, and now technologies are reaching such a level that its application is becoming a reality. It's amazing how fragile a person really is, and how easy it is to incapacitate him.


The main star of the machine — a gas chromatograph that analyzes the composition of the atmosphere. It recognizes more than three thousand chemicals. On the roof there is a set of antennas and a mast with instruments. They collect air samples, and the chromatograph and other equipment for analysis are already processing them. With the help of sensors, you can even predict the development of the air pollution situation.

In addition to the measuring equipment on the RHM-9 itself, the machine is equipped with a drone with video cameras and instruments for measuring the background radiation. It is capable of both automatically and manually shooting objects at different times of the day, giving photos and videos. It works at a distance of up to 25 km from the car, and rises to a height of up to 300 meters. It will transmit intelligence through the channels of the automated system and radio communications.


Base in the form of “Typhoon-K” is the best in its class. Its parameters are higher than the basis for the RHM-6, the armored personnel carrier BTR-80.

On the road, the car is capable of traveling at speeds up to 50 km/h, but on rough terrain it develops only 20 km/h. Its gross weight is 20 tons, three people are needed to complete combat missions. The crew can take measurements without leaving the car, thereby ensuring the safety of people. The habitable compartment is equipped with a filter-ventilation unit. Although there are no facts about the impermeability of the machine, therefore the wearing of gas masks is not canceled. In addition, nine more people can be in it. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense noted that the crew must have special training in order to competently use all the capabilities of the RHM-9.

The reconnaissance vehicle even has — able to withstand shelling from machine guns, machine guns and rifles. The V-shaped bottom dissipates the blast wave and fragments on the sides of the car, increasing the survivability of the crew. It withstands explosions up to 8 kg of TNT.



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