What kind of complex KRUS “Sagittarius-M” is used in Ukraine?

Plot Special operation of the Russian Federation in Donbass and Ukraine

The high accuracy of the use of Russian aviation in Ukraine is ensured by the complex of intelligence, control and communications (KRUS) «Strelets-M». AiF.ru figured out what possibilities this system has.

With the help of "Sagittarius-M" fighters and front-line bombers receive target designation outside the enemy air defense coverage area. Guidance is carried out with the help of a laser designator-rangefinder, which allows you to highlight targets with one of the most common types of air missiles — X-29L and X-38ML with semi-active laser homing head. Illuminated by “Sagittarius” Targets are hit both at the forward edge and in the depth of the enemy's defense, while the deviation is no more than 2-3 meters from the aiming point. When aviation approaches the range of high-precision missiles with a semi-active laser homing head, the complex illuminates the target with a laser designator. Immediately after the launch of the missiles, the planes leave the course with an anti-aircraft maneuver.

Combat capabilities

Reconnaissance, control and communication complex "Sagittarius-M" was put into service in 2007 and since everything everything has been constantly improved, new technological solutions are being introduced there. It consists of a mobile computer placed in a combat vest, a satellite navigation system module, communications, connected devices, including various rangefinders, target designators and sights. The complex can be supplemented with a large number of devices — headphones, tablets, computers. It can be synchronized with unmanned aerial vehicles, various radars, aiming, surveillance and reconnaissance devices, or, for example, with  Fara' small-sized radar stations that detect tanks at a distance of up to 8 km at any time of the day. The most effective application scheme — soldier-UAV — strike aviation complex, which has proven itself well in Ukraine.

The complex includes a commander's personal computer, in which he sees the location of his soldiers against the background of an electronic map of the battlefield. The system for determining the location and movement along route via satellite navigation helps the commander to control the actions of the soldiers. The system allows you to transmit data over a secure channel to control points. KRUS “Sagittarius-M” interfaces with all Soviet and Russian reconnaissance equipment.

Goals and objectives

The complex allows for digital communication within the unit at a range of up to one and a half kilometers , including transmitting data and documents. Thus, with it can be used to control units in combat, determine the coordinates of targets and give target designations for aviation and artillery. The complex also monitors the condition of military personnel in real time, with its help it is possible to search for the wounded. With the help of this system, a serviceman can report his injury; for this, there is a special button on the headset.

KRUS "Sagittarius-M" actively used in Syria. In particular, in  the near zone of fire damage, a reconnaissance-strike circuit was used as part of the  reconnaissance, control and communications complex "Sagittarius" and Su-24M bomber.



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