What kind of infantry fighting vehicles of the Glyba series are being created in Russia?

In Russia, new combat reconnaissance vehicles will soon appear, which will go to units of the ground forces and airborne forces. The development of a fundamentally new technology is carried out within the framework of the Glyba-G design and development work. Various variants are being created on the basis of the BMP-3, BMD-4M chassis and the Typhoon-VDV armored car.

Why do we need it?

Now we need a wide range of reconnaissance vehicles, they can be wheeled or tracked, armored or not. For example, experience in Syria showed the demand for wheeled vehicles, but in other climatic conditions, tracked vehicles may be more convenient. The main task of such a technique — conducting tactical reconnaissance, which includes elements of combat, the so-called power reconnaissance. In addition, groups on such vehicles fight with reconnaissance of the enemy, protect their troops. If necessary, they even serve as fire support for infantry.


Taking into account combat experience, new reconnaissance vehicles are being created. Armament is an important element, so “Lump” will receive a completely new combat module with a proven 30 mm 2A42 automatic cannon and a remotely controlled 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun. Modern aiming devices make it possible to detect and identify targets during the day at a distance of more than 3 km, at night up to 2 km. A rather large arsenal of ammunition will be placed in the vehicle.

Basic abilities

Special surveillance systems that are installed on armored vehicles will automatically monitor the enemy and give target designations. The chassis used for combat vehicles are proven and reliable, therefore they ensure the mobility of vehicles, their movement over different areas of the terrain.

An important factor of such machines — security. Unfortunately, there is practically no information about booking cars. However, it is clear that they must remain maneuverable, while at the same time withstand a hit even from a machine gun, there is no talk of real shells.


Recall that “Typhoon-VDV” took the Kamaz engine and & nbsp; even an automatic transmission, a real rarity for a combat vehicle. It develops speed up to 100 km/h, has a cruising range of 1.2 thousand kilometers. Its suspension is made on the basis of hydropneumatic shock absorbers. Allows you to move relatively comfortably over rough terrain. Its armor protects against an explosion of 6 kg of TNT under the wheel or 4 kg under the bottom. It can be dropped by parachute. Probably “Glyba-KD” keep the same skills.

BMD 4M is the basis for many developments. This is a relative novelty of the Russian army, it has a tracked chassis. It is also airborne, capable of overcoming water obstacles. The hydropneumatic design allows you to lower and raise by 40 centimetres.

The BMP-3 in this list is the oldest. However, it can withstand a 30mm projectile from 200m, according to some sources. Its  weight is 22 tons, which reduces the running resource. It is rather strange to use it as as a reconnaissance vehicle, but for infantry support — the most that.

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