What kind of nuclear submarine 949A “Antey” will be involved in patrolling the Northern Sea Route?

The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy conducted exercises of nuclear submarines in the area of ​​the Northern Sea Route. The military tested the capabilities of Project 949 submarines. As the Arctic ice melts and navigation along the Northern Sea Route develops, the task of covering this route will become more and more urgent. Project 949 submarines are considered the most effective ship hunters — both surface and underwater. They have torpedoes in their arsenal, as well as a whole battery of supersonic cruise missiles.

Reasons for “activation”

The fact is that the area of ​​ice cover in the Arctic Ocean will decrease in the short term. As a result, the threat from enemy surface forces, including aircraft carriers, will increase. It can be assumed that, in preparation for this prospect, the command of the Russian fleet is beginning to prepare Project 949 submarines for operations in the Arctic. Covering the Northern Sea Route — very responsible task. Control over this route is one of the most important advantages of Russia. In addition, various attacks from the United States can come from the northern direction. And, if in the future, as the climate changes, the forces of the American fleet appear there, this direction will need to be covered.


Project 949 submarines — one of the latest developments of Soviet shipbuilding. The series was built in the 80s & ndash; 90s. Today, three of its representatives — “Tver”, “Omsk” and “Tomsk” — are part of the Pacific Fleet. Two more — “Smolensk” and “Eagle” — serve in the Northern Fleet. 

Project 949A submarines are the fourth in terms of displacement and length in the world, second only to Project 941 Akula and Project 955 Borey submarines. and American Ohio-class submarines.


Project 949 boats are equipped with Granit missiles, which are quite powerful and accurate weapons. It is possible that in the future they will be modernized, after which the arsenal will be replenished with Caliber missiles. and “Onyx”.

Project 949A “Antey” submarines are the most numerous class of ships armed with P-700 missiles, also ships of this class are leaders in the number of Granit launchers; on one medium.


In the Pacific Fleet, submarines of the 949th project are part of the 10th division of submarines, and in the Northern — in the 11th division. Both of these compounds are officially called anti-aircraft. 

Project 949 submarines were originally designed to deal with formations of surface ships. Among their tasks, in addition to combating aircraft carrier formations, — destruction of enemy landing forces, hunting for his sea caravans. Not so long ago, the crews of Project 949 boats began to work out missile strikes against ground targets.


The capabilities of Project 949 submarines to operate in the area of ​​the Northern Sea Route were tested this year. In the spring and early summer, Pacific submariners conducted exercises in this region. Submarines operated in the waters of the NSR, and also performed ascents in ice conditions. Now the plans of the Ministry of Defense include similar maneuvers of the ships of the Northern Fleet.

According to experts, the Pacific Fleet boats were practicing operations to protect the eastern section of the Northern Sea Route. The task, most likely, was to prevent the entry into the waters of the fleets of unfriendly countries. The Northern Fleet will work out the defense of the western section of the NSR during the exercises.

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