What kind of patrol boat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Slavyansk” was sunk by Russian aircraft?

The Ukrainian patrol boat “Slavyansk” was sunk by Russian missile strikes. The details of the battle were not reported, the Ukrainian side officially recognized the loss of the ship, but did not say anything about the fate of the crew. According to unofficial information, most of the team is missing.

Patrol boat "Slavyansk" performed tasks of reconnaissance of the water area of ​​​​Odessa, was not seen in clashes. The crew of the ship consists of sixteen people, including two or more officers.

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Boats for allies

This ship was handed over to the Ukrainian Navy in 2019 as part of the gratuitous US military-technical assistance. The Ukrainians spent only on the transportation of these ships. This is a decommissioned US Coast Guard cutter Cushing (WPB-1321) of 1988, a total of 49 ships of this class were built. The displacement of the Island is 169 tons, the length of the ship is 34 m and 6.4 m, they are capable of speeds up to 55 km/h. Boats of this class are designed for reconnaissance and search and rescue off the coast. The main problem is that these patrol boats are not very reliable, most had problems with the hull, so the ships were handed over to the allies. Also, according to the Americans, they do not have great modernization potential. Now these ships are in service, except for Ukraine, near Pakistan, Costa -Riki and Georgia.

They wanted to equip the Neptunes

In the American version, this boat has rather weak weapons, there is a 25-mm cannon and two 12.7-mm guns on the deck M2NV machine gun, in addition, a radar station is installed on them to control the situation. The ship was delivered to Ukraine without weapons, Ukrainian military sailors considered various options for its modernization. Among other things, it was planned to install the Katran-M combat module, rapid-fire cannon, automatic grenade launchers and tank machine guns. Even the option was considered that the ship would be armed with the Neptune anti-ship complex. It was also planned to install a more powerful radar station that could detect targets at a distance of up to 30 kilometers and anti-aircraft missile systems. The results of the modernization of these boats are not reported.

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