What kind of robot rat did Chinese scientists create?

Beijing Institute of Technology engineers have created a robot that looks like a rat. It can make its way through an extremely narrow passage in the rubble to locate injured people.

What is known about the development? 

The robotic rat (SQuRo — Small-sized Quadruped Robotic Rat)  created to search for people in places of natural disasters, as well as for inspections in hard-to-reach places. The biological prototype of the robot was the gray rat (Rattus norvegicus).  

The dimensions of the rescue robot are small. Instead of wheels, it is equipped with mechanical paws, which allows it to be more maneuverable when moving and imitate the behavior of a real rodent in a confined space.

The weight of the device is only 220 grams. At the same time, the robot is able to carry loads (cameras, sensors, other payloads) that make up more than 90% of its own weight. Minimum turning radius — 0.48 body length, which is less than other animal robots of this size.  

The robot is also capable of climbing obstacles up to 30mm high and maintaining stability when climbing a slope of 15 degrees. The device has four basic motion modes.

What tasks can a robot rat perform? 

look for those who might be there. In addition, it can be sent with inspection to hard-to-reach places. The device automatically selects the mode of movement to maintain balance. As experiments have shown, the device can simulate the movements of rats with ease, move quickly, crawl, crouch and rise in case of falls.

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